10 No-Move Exercises for Lazybones That Can Reboot Your Body

3 years ago

We all know that there are many benefits to regular exercise, but what if you could achieve them without leaving the bed or while waiting for dinner to cook? You can get fit and burn some extra calories without any extra equipment from your very own living room floor, free from the hustle and bustle of a gym.

Bright Side has found some exercises that even the most gym-hating people can enjoy from home.

1. Piriformis stretch

By doing this exercise, you will be stretching and strengthening your piriformis muscle, which is responsible for helping hip rotation. This is an important muscle for the sciatic nerve, which can be agitated if the piriformis is too tight.

1. Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you.

2. Cross your right leg over the left and put your right foot flat on the floor.

3. Next, put your right hand on the floor behind your body and your left hand (or your elbow for a bigger stretch) on your right knee.

4. Press your right leg to the left and gently twist your torso to the right.

5. Hold the position for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side.

2. 90/90 stretch

This exercise can improve your hip mobility in the long run, something that can be neglected in our daily life if we spend all day seated.

1. Sit with your right knee positioned at 90 degrees in front of you, making sure that your calf is straight and the bottom of your foot is facing left. Your right foot should remain flexed.

2. Put your left knee to the left side of your body and bend your knee with your foot facing the wall behind you. Your left foot should remain flexed.

3. Keep your right butt cheek on the floor and move the left cheek as far down to the floor as you can.

4. Hold the position anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on your comfort level. Repeat it on the other side.

3. Frog stretch

This exercise will help to tone your inner thigh muscles and abs and can loosen up any tight muscles across your hips and groin.

1. Open your knees, making sure that they are wider than your shoulders.

2. Turn out your toes to the side so that the inner part of your feet are flat on the floor.

3. Now move your hips back toward your heels.

4. You can go down onto your forearms for a deeper stretch if you’re able to.

5. This position should be held for up to 2 minutes.

4. Lying pectoral stretch

This position will help you to strengthen your chest muscles while also giving your body a full stretch. It can also help with your posture by building up the strength of your chest.

1. Lie on your stomach with your arms extended out to each side so that you’re in a “T” shape.

2. Now use your left hand to push off the ground. Bend your left knee for balance and roll to your right side.

3. Hold for up to 3 minutes if you’re able to. Repeat on the other side.

5. Lying quad stretch

Not only does repeating this exercise burn calories, but you will also feel the long term benefits of stronger legs and improved balance.

1. First, you need to lie on one side.

2. It’s important to keep your bottom leg as straight as possible as you bend your top knee by bringing your foot up to your butt.

3. Stay in this position, constantly pulling your top foot gently toward your butt.

4. Try to keep your hips stable so that you don’t fall when you pull by keeping your core tense.

5. Stay here for up to 2 minutes. Now turn around and repeat on the other side.

6. Sphinx pose

This exercise can give your lower back a good workout, toning those abdominal muscles while strengthening your spine.

1. Lie on your stomach and stretch your legs out behind you.

2. Put your elbows under your shoulders and your forearms flat on the floor. Lift your chest up off of the floor.

3. Keep your hips and thighs pressed into the floor and imagine your spine lengthening out while keeping your shoulders soft and relaxed.

4. Try pushing your body up just enough for a stretch in the lower back but stop if you feel any pain or overstretching.

5. Hold the position for 30 seconds and repeat once or twice if you want to.

7. Eye-of-the-needle pose

This pose is ideal if you want to improve your flexibility over the course of a few weeks as it stretches your hamstrings and opens up any stiff muscles in the hips and back.

1. Lie down with your knees bent.

2. Cross your right ankle over your left knee and keep the right foot flexed.

3. Clasp your hands together behind your left thigh and hug it toward your body, making sure that your head is still on the floor.

4. Hold it for up to 2-5 minutes and repeat on the other side.

8. Child’s pose

This is a gentle position that can help to relieve your stress levels while giving your neck, back, and shoulders a much-needed stretch — and it’s ideal if you’re prone to getting a stiff neck after working in front of the computer.

1. Kneel on the floor with your big toes touching each other and your knees as wide as your hips.

2. Lower your body down toward the ground between your thighs and place your head on the floor with your skull lifted away from your neck.

3. Now place your arms by your body with your palms facing up.

4. Hold it for up to 5 minutes.

9. Supine twist

This exercise works for your digestive system because it massages the digestive organs and is good for helping with constipation. This means that regularly using this exercise can reduce levels of constipation over time.

1. Lie on your back with your right knee up by your chest and your left leg straight along the floor.

2. Bring your bent right leg over the left leg and try to keep it as close to the floor as possible with your foot flexed.

3. Keep your shoulders flat to the floor and look to the right.

4. Hold this pose for a few minutes before switching sides.

10. Wall sit

The beauty of this exercise is that it can give you nicely toned abs and calves at the same time, which is perfect if you’re looking for a way to strengthen these muscles from home.

1. Gently slide your back down the wall until your thighs run parallel to the floor.

2. It’s important that your knees are directly above your ankles and that your back remains straight against the wall.

3. Hold for 60 seconds and repeat as many times as you feel able to.

What would you add to this list? Do you have any tips for keeping fit from home?


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I'm pretty sure these require just as much effort as doing actual exercises... especially the wall sit


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