10 Pet Toys You’ll Wish You Discovered Sooner

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Our pets don’t care about how we look in the morning or whether or not we are successful at work. And they love us no matter what. They provide us with everyday happiness and comfort, asking for nothing in return. They can even influence our brain health in a good way.

The least we can do for them is give them the best care we can muster. We prepared a list of gifts for your furry (or not) friends that can help to express how much they mean to you and hopefully make them a little bit happier.

1. These catnip balls are easy to get addicted to. Fortunately, these treats could be a pretty healthy snack for your cutie pie. The product has a good impact on digestion, soothes them, and can even make a cat’s breath minty fresh.

These toys contain natural plant extracts. The ball is 360° rotatable.

Promising review:

Kept cats entertained for ages. They loved them and I will definitely get more. — Nicola Kean

Buy the catnip balls HERE

2. A ball that is not just a toy, but that makes a nice treat dispenser: “Pleased with this! Easy to place treats of various shapes and sizes in it, which Roger the dog could extract without too much frustration!”

This ball is made from a non-toxic, safe, rubber material. The toy is bite-resistant, but keep in mind that it is not indestructible. We recommend using it under supervision.

Promising review:

Amazing and durable. My cavapoo comes to work with me, so I got one for the office, for when I have clients in, to keep her quiet. Ended up buying one for home, for when we leave her to keep her occupied, really great and keeps her busy for hours! — Tamara Boyne

Buy the treat dispenser HERE

3. This chill-n-chew mat is called a boredom breaker for a reason. And it is all in the title — even if your pet is super choosy, the toy will not be ignored: “At first I thought my rabbit was broken, as no matter what toys I gave her, she rarely chewed anything. Thought I’d give this a go as I wanted to keep her entertained, especially when I was out. Well, she absolutely loves it, as you can see from the picture. My only regret is that I only bought 2. Will definitely be buying more and most definitely recommend it.”

The mat is made from 100% natural materials (natural water hyacinth and rattan) and without glue, plastic, or metal. Perfect for covering wire shelves, sleeping, and chewing. Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, chinchillas, and degus. The size is 33 cm x 24 cm.

Promising review:

The first mat I bought, he barely touched. I got another one, and I put it on top of his wooden house. Now he loves to climb there and play with it. Especially in the early morning. So I got him 2 more. At the moment, I don’t have a problem with product quality, so for sure, I will be ordering more. — Paulina

Buy the mat HERE

4. This ladder is a nice and simple product that will be much appreciated by your pet: “These have made a great addition to the birdcage. Fast delivery, great product (very sturdy). Excellent value for the money. 5***** rating.”

The ladder is made from real wood. Comes with a hook to attach it to your cage.

Promising review:

I got this ladder as a second one for my budgie. She loved the first one, and so the second one went down just as well. She loves to climb on it, and it is well-made and sturdy. I would definitely recommend it for all small animals. — Mia Henstridge

Buy the ladder HERE

5. Everybody could use a good dreamcatcher. This is a chewable one for your little friend. It is completely safe because it’s made from pet-friendly materials (natural loofa and corn leaf), dyes, and glues.

This toy provides a lot of fun for all small animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. They can play and chew — all at the same time. It is a total of 34 cm in length.

Promising review:

Great little toy for the buns. I’ve had a few of these, and they always go down well. It won’t be catching many dreams, though, as it doesn’t last long enough with my 2! — Gemma Shore

Buy the dreamcatcher HERE

6. This fun activity board is not only a great way to spend free time with some brain training, but also an idea for how to make having a snack healthier for all of the fast eaters out there. “This is such a great way to occupy my indoor cat’s time and mind. Toys rarely interest him for more than 0.7 seconds, but food is his one true love, and this board lets me take advantage of that without overfeeding him. Totally worth the money, at least in my case.”

This item is suitable for cats from the age of 3 months and up. It is non-slip, due to the rubber feet. Developed by cat expert Helena Dbalý.

Promising review:

It may take a long time before they work it out if they are more pretty than smart. I volunteered at the Cat Protection Shelter a couple of years ago, and almost all of the cats had one of these. As my boy had been indoors for a year, he had put on a bit of weight. He initially sat next to it looking cute and purring, but after a month of perseverance, he has finally worked out one section!!! It’s sturdy and easy to clean, and the globes can be removed to make the puzzle easier or for cleaning. — Jess

Buy the fun board HERE

7. A chew toy for your doggo that will surprise you with its quality. You’ll probably want to buy the whole collection! “My dog normally doesn’t like squeaky toys. He didn’t like this one at first either, and it was at the bottom of his toy basket for almost 2 months. Then one day, he fished it out and dropped it at my feet, asking me to play with him. At first, he would only pick it up very gently with his teeth, but now he has warmed up to it. The toy itself is made from a very nice material with a silky texture. It seems to be sturdy enough, but I can’t say for sure, as my dog doesn’t chew this toy. It can get a bit slimy when playing fetch, but dries off quite quickly. Easy to wash, just run it under the tap.”

These toys are made from a durable latex material and come in a variety of great designs. They are specially created to be chewed. For more fun, there is also a squeaker inside.

Promising review:

I bought the bananas after a recommendation from a friend, and ended up buying a bunch! I love these squeaky toys for my puppy. My mini-dachshund tore through all his toys and is quite an aggressive chewer. I was struggling to find toys that didn’t fall apart after 10 minutes. These latex toys have lasted ages and are still going strong. My pup loves to chew on the top of this one and play fetch. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for soft, chewable squeaky toys for their pups! — Mrs H

Buy the chew toys HERE

8. A set of fun toys for your feathered friends. It will keep them entertained for a long time. It looks so colorful and bright! Your birdies’ renewed home will look very pretty.

All parts of this set are strong and durable. They are designed to attract your pet’s attention and to keep your pet safe when chewing, swinging, or playing. Made from quality wood and with edible dye.

Promising review:

Big items and great for bigger parrots or small budgies. So happy with this product — it’s a great value. I 100% recommend it. — Ess1

Buy the toys HERE

9. This maze-a-log is a feeding toy that creates a very fun interaction between you and your pet: “Guineas love finding food. I’ve added 5 stars for sturdiness, as it’s not actually meant to be sturdy. They’re cardboard cutouts. My guineas love them, and I’ve been hiding food for them daily since I got it. I say hiding as they aren’t daft and this is easy. But it works. They love it. So I’m happy.”

This toy is edible and made from pet-safe materials. The size is 30 cm x 30 cm. Goes with most treats, fresh vegetables, and main diets.

Promising review:

This has been such a hit with the piggies. They squeal when they see it, and I’m glad the cardboard is sturdy. My girls have given it a little chew, which is a good thing! Very versatile and stimulating. You can stuff it with hay or greens, or push cut carrot slices in the holes, or drop in treats or pellets for them to forage. It encourages natural foraging behavior and is such a good value compared to what I’ve seen in shops! I think this would also be good for bunnies or rodents. You won’t regret it, as it’s so lovely to watch your fur babies so happy! — Amazon Customer

Buy the maze HERE

10. Treat puzzles that can encourage a healthy eating pace and keep your kitty busy for a while! “A cat that has to do a bit of brain work for its treats is not a bored cat, and is thus a happier cat. This serves that task admirably. It is well-made — robust, attractive, and designed with a lot of care and thought. My boy loves it.”

These puzzles are made from safe materials. They are BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. There are 16 hidden treat compartments. The toy doesn’t contain any removable parts, which makes cleaning and playing with it much safer.

Promising review:

My cats are really enjoying the mental stimulation of using this puzzle toy. The only issue is that they won’t use them together, so I will have to get another one, but I’m more than happy to do so! The product is sturdy. The only issue is that mine doesn’t suction, so it can move about quite a bit when they’re using it. Sometimes I sit and hold it for them, if I have the time, to make it a little easier for them, but they love tapping into their natural foraging instincts, and it’s been a big success :) - Amazon Customer

Buy the interactive cat treat puzzle HERE

What toys have proven to be very popular with your pets? Which new ones would you like to try?

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