10 Psychological Tricks That You Can Use to Win Every Day

2 years ago

Communicating and setting up a rapport with people can be challenging for everyone at times. Whether it’s in the workplace, in your community, or with family, applying these psychological tricks can help in creating a smooth relationship with the people around you.

Bright Side listed down some moves that can help make all the difference in creating good communication with others.

1. Sitting beside someone instead of across from them

Where you sit at a table can say a lot about you. If you want to confront someone, placing yourself beside this person can put you in a less oppositional position. On another hand, sitting across or opposite someone, especially in conference rooms or at office tables, can make the other person feel threatened. You can apply this not only in the workplace but also in family gatherings, like dinner parties.

2. Maintaining a power posture to boost confidence

Power posture or posing is the body language that governs how we think and feel about ourselves. By taking up space and making a powerful stance, we can make ourselves feel powerful and confident. Research shows that those who took on a powerful pose felt more confident and performed better in interviews than those who did not. Thus, many athletes and speakers have used this psychological trick to their advantage.

3. Choosing the right color for your outfit

The color of your dress or suit reflects the type of person you are and the job you are going for. Navy denotes warmth and trustworthiness, which is a good color for teachers. Gray gives off a classy and dependable vibe and black is upscale and classy, which is a good fit for fashion-related positions.

4. Sustaining eye contact by assessing eye color

Looking into a person’s eyes is a sign of paying attention in holding a conversation. However, it can be challenging and uncomfortable for both parties to sustain it deliberately. According to a study, you can try assessing the other person’s eye color when you’re looking at them, as it will feel more natural and less awkward.

5. Making an effort to remember names

There are some people who are bad at remembering names, and there are others who remember and call us by them. We prefer the latter, of course! Knowing people’s names is the first sign that someone is paying attention to what you’re saying and that they remember you. This makes you easily likable and popular with people you meet.

6. Observing who laughs with whom

When you’re in a group of people and want to know who is close with whom, try observing who they laugh with. The key is to notice who they look at first when they laugh because they are more likely drawn to that person and are most comfortable with them.

7. Lessening your choices if you can’t choose

While it may seem better to have unlimited options to choose from, the truth is it can also make you have a hard time deciding on things. To help you become a better decision-maker, try cutting your choices to a maximum of 4. This will allow you to consider each option carefully and make sure that you’ve made the right decision.

8. Asking someone for a favor

Helping people and doing favors for others is a good thing, but if you want someone to like you right away, try asking them for a small favor. Doing so shows that you trust and value them enough, which, in turn, makes them feel good because they’ve helped you.

9. Crossing your arms and legs

You can use this for 2 purposes. First, if you want to prevent someone from approaching you, keep your arms and legs crossed to form a barrier between you and that person. If you want to seem approachable and open to ideas, uncross your arms and legs to give off that welcoming vibe.

10. Warming your hands in order to shake hands

No one wants to start off a conversation feeling cold and clammy, so you’d better warm up your hands before shaking anyone else’s when you meet them. One of the qualities of a good handshake is warm hands since it shows a friendly atmosphere, while a cold handshake can give off an air of distrust.

Which trick do you think you can use to improve your daily life? What other tricks do you know that you can share? Tell us in the comment section!


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