10 Signs You Have a Faithful Partner

4 years ago

While psychologists believe that trust should be the foundation of a strong and mature relationship, some people may still suspect their partner of being unfaithful because of a traumatic past experience or their own insecurities. Imagining your partner with another person can drive anybody mad, so sometimes it’s better to take a deep breath and evaluate whether there’s really something to be worried about.

Bright Side understands how important it is to be sure about your position in your relationship, so we collected a list of the signs that can indicate that your partner is fully committed and doesn’t think about cheating. As a bonus, at the end of the article, you’ll find out what the way you hold hands can reveal about your relationship.

1. They are honest with you about everything.

In a mature relationship, partners should be able to share all their news with each other, and not just the pleasant news. If you notice that your partner even avoids telling white lies, it can be a sign that they’re loyal to you and see you as a person who they can completely confide in.

This can be their way of showing their respect and trust since they know that you won’t judge them. They see that the relationship is strong enough that you’ll find a way to get through any situation together.

2. They show their commitment to the relationship.

All relationships have their ups and downs, but your partner shouldn’t disappear on you at the first sign of trouble. If your partner is always ready to talk things through and doesn’t ignore you when things get tough, it’s a sign that they are committed to this relationship and only have eyes for you. Be sure that they will do their best to make the relationship work.

3. Their feelings are consistent.

If something is right for you, your gut will probably tell you about it right away. If your partner’s feelings don’t change all the time and they don’t suffer from mood swings, they’re sure you’re the one. They know what they want for their future and it’s you, so there’s no room for doubt.

4. They put in enough effort to make the relationship work.

At the beginning of the relationship, partners are usually willing to communicate with each other more to make the relationship work. However, if you’ve been together for a while and this enthusiasm hasn’t faded away, it’s a sign that your partner sees you as the person who they can imagine their future with and this perspective is quite appealing. And no bumps in the road can prevent it from happening.

5. They are real and emotionally open with you.

Many people feel insecure in the relationship once they open up to another person. If your partner shares their worries and insecurities with you, it’s a sign that they want to stay emotionally connected and are eager to let you into their life.

If your partner is emotionally unavailable, it’s better to have a conversation so you don’t put distance between the 2 of you and find out the reason for this behavior.

6. They aren’t afraid to express physical affection.

While some people may be more touchy than others, if you notice that your partner uses every opportunity to show their affection, you’re probably on the right track. Showing physical affection helps build intimacy and create a strong emotional connection between partners. This way your partner expresses their tenderness and a desire to take care of you.

7. They don’t get jealous.

The feeling of jealousy often arises from being insecure, not only about yourself, but about the relationship as well. Your partner may also project their own thoughts and desires on you and doubt your feelings.

A healthy relationship should be built on trust and if your partner doesn’t act jealous, it’s a sign that they feel secure and satisfied with the way things are going.

8. They include you in all spheres of their life.

While it’s natural to have a life outside of the relationship, a person who is truly committed will want to share most of their experience with you. It doesn’t mean that you both can’t occasionally hang out separately, but if your partner sees you as a priority, they’ll be willing to engage you in their life as much as possible.

It can be their way of letting you get to know them better and show that they’re an open book and have nothing to hide from you.

9. They consider your opinion and wishes.

Grand gestures can be flattering, but it’s the little things that matter the most. If your partner always considers your opinion and is willing to change and grow to make you happier and more comfortable in the relationship, it’s a sign that you mean a lot to them.

Changing behavioral patterns can be pretty challenging and if your partner is up for the task, it’s something that should be appreciated and that proves their love for you.

10. You’re always on their mind.

Your partner may not be able to hang out every day, but even if they have the busiest day at work, they’ll find a minute to let you know they’re thinking of you. Just a text message, a cute pic, or an emoji will prove that you’re always of their mind and there’s no person they’d rather be talking to.

Bonus: What the way you hold hands can say about your relationship

Psychologists believe that body language reveals a lot about our true intentions, so even a simple gesture like holding hands can show the real feelings of your partner for you.

  • You loosely interlace the fingers. It’s a nice and tender gesture that shows, not only love, but the independence of each partner and acts as a signal to other people that you’re together.
  • Your partner wraps their hand over yours. While this gesture can be a sign of a strong desire to protect another person, it can also possibly reveal the controlling and codependent nature of the relationship. It’s better to pay attention to your partner’s behavior to spot any disturbing signs.
  • You intertwine your fingers. Interlocking all your fingers while holding hands is often interpreted as a sign of attraction and a strong need to be with another person, but without being too needy or showing dominance.

Do you know any other signs that prove that your partner only has eyes for you? Share your experience in the comments.

Illustrated by Polina Chernevina for Bright Side


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