10 Super Practical Travel Products That Live Up to the Expectations

8 months ago

Say “Bon Voyage” to stressing over packing! From space-saving organizers to must-have gizmos, we’ve got your back to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as silk. Imagine being an astronaut who is thoroughly prepared for different circumstances with their luggage. Here are 10 brilliant travel essentials that will have you taking a giant leap toward your vacation goals.

1. Place these self-adhesive stickers on your luggage for it to be handled carefully. The high-quality material ensures long-term durability. Sticks to different kinds of materials, from bubble wrap to plastic and corrugated cartons.

These vibrantly colored stickers peel and stick well. They are water- and oil-proof and also anti-wear. Now your things should be safe.

Promising review: These labels made it so much better to pack and move our fragile items. They are easy to read, and the design gets your attention, so the movers could quickly see what needed to be handled gently. They were easy to take off the roll, and they stuck well to the boxes.
The price was great for a large number of labels on the roll — an excellent value compared to some of the other labels I looked at. They were delivered quickly and packaged well. I was very glad to have these for our move. — Sarah S. In TX

2. No need to travel with a bulky and messy piece of laundry soap, thanks to this product’s existence. It easily dissolves in water, allowing you to wash your items on the trip well and quickly.

These unscented laundry soap sheets will make travel, hiking, or camping a whole lot easier for you. It contains 50 biodegradable, thin pieces. They are packed in a neat plastic container with a resealable lid.

Promising review: I love the idea and how easy it is to pack. Will be taking it on my travels. — Shonte’

3. An anti-theft device that is packed into a stylish, comfortable, and laconic thing — what could be better? The product looks like a regular belt, but it is equipped with a hidden security pocket. Keep your important travel documents or some extra cash safely concealed.

This unisex-style belt is highly adjustable and fits most pants sizes. The buckle is made of sturdy, high-grade plastic. Remember: hand wash only, and only after you take your cash out (hehe).

Promising reviews: Perfecto. — Virgilio Soto

I wear this when I travel. It’s comfortable to wear. It’s non-metallic, so you won’t have to take it off at the airport unless you get a TSA agent on a power trip. It holds quite a few bills if folded in thirds lengthwise. Good piece of mind when traveling. — F.B.

4. Fit all your essentials in the most organized way possible with this travel organizer. Its perfect size allows it to fit into your suitcase or backpack very smoothly.

This well-made product can hold various items like cables, flash disks, USB drives, power banks, or headphones. And they will stay firmly in place thanks to the efficient inner design.

Promising review: I cannot rate this storage organizer highly enough. Traveling with a family of four, you need so many cords for all the tablets, phones, headphones, etc. I had way too much fun organizing all of our cords, pens, pencils, passports, chargers, and spare headphones in the case.
I previously had an old Belkin with me but needed more room. This is absolutely perfect, and you can fit four passports in the zippered pocket shown above. — CRG SBS,CO

5. Pack everything you need, and don’t forget a thing with this handy notepad. It represents an exhaustive checklist of everything you could use on your trip. All in a compact format!

This 60-sheet pad is simple but very helpful. Perfect for business and vacation trips. Comes in 3 color designs.

Promising review: This came bigger than expected, but that’s actually better!!! This is perfect for when you’re about to travel since it helps to make sure nothing is forgotten. (And I forget something every vacation, so this is perfect!) I really like how it has a spot for your vacation destination at the top, in case you want to keep it for memories (not sure why, but some people might!). — Amazon Customer

6. To avoid baggage-weight troubles, you need this lifesaver of a product! Check the weight of your suitcase beforehand to avoid overweight fees.

This portable handheld scale will save you a lot of nerves and money. The built-in temperature sensor will help you watch over your delicate luggage. And it also has a rubber-textured handle for extra comfort. Battery included.

Promising review: This suitcase weigher has been a game changer. I used to cross my fingers at the airport and have to throw things out/ resort my bags if the weight went over. A couple of times I had to pay the enormous extra fees. I recently took a two-week trip abroad and packed a nearly empty suitcase since I knew I’d be shopping a lot in this country.
My friend and I took turns weighing as we went and were able to re-sort our bags prior to going to the airport, and measurements were accurate (turned it into a game, and we’re high-fiving and doing happy dances each time we realized we could shop more!). I ended up underweight regardless, but having this saved me a lot of stress and anxiety from hoping I was underweight. Would highly recommend this if you travel regularly; even using it a couple of times and avoiding the overweight fee once pays this thing back 10 times over. — Dee

7. Check out this handy product: a lightweight, collapsible bottle is a must for travel fans. The product has a patented screw cap that eliminates leakage and splashing.

The special wide-mouth design makes it possible to add ice or lemon to your beverage. And makes it much easier to clean! Recommendation before the first use: Put it in boiling water for 10 minutes.

Promising review: Took it on vacation; it was great! The size was perfect for a small carry. Easy to carry while you’re out and about, but you don’t want to carry the bulk of a water bottle! Would buy it again. — Jake

8. Not one of your bottles will spill all over your things with this simple yet genius invention. These bright and colorful sleeves are made of silicone material and are perfectly easy to clean.

They are highly elastic and durable. The pack includes 10 items in 5 juicy colors. Enjoy your travels, and don’t worry about any leaks!

Promising review: Finally, a solution to my messy travel bag! These are super easy to use, although if you have something really wide, you might have a bit of a tug to get it on. They are strong and very well-made. The perfect solution I’ve been looking for.
I used these on a few standard shampoo/conditioner bottles, and they were a nice snug fit. They do not roll up or pop off when in use. To remove them, I roll them up and off. They retain their shape afterward to provide use for a long while.
I didn’t think they would work on a pump-style bottle, but other than a small bit of product squeezed out when applying the sleeve to the bottle, it held tight, did not break the silicone, and did not leak. Something so simple has just made traveling so much easier for me! Goodbye, plastic zipper bags! — carvanz

9. You can charge all of the needed devices (even if you have a few too many!) with this little dude. The product, with all its capabilities, has a travel-ready size and doesn’t take up much space.

The charger is ultra-powerful and has advanced charging technology (PowerIQ + VoltageBoost to provide the fastest charge possible). Comes in 2 classical colors.

Promising review: So many things to charge with limited space. I have multiple Anker products, from charging cables to Bluetooth speakers — and they are great! But this little guy is fantastic. It helps to put all my charging cords in one place.
Everything charges well and is so much tidier than trying to find space for power adapters. The only complaint (and it really isn’t a complaint) is that the indicator light is very bright in a dark bedroom. I remedied that by putting a small piece of black electrical tape over it. I’d buy another one in a heartbeat! — Sharon E

10. This compact bar will be a perfect substitute for your regular bottle of shampoo. It leaves no residue, and your hair will be perfectly clean.

Choose the kind you like depending on the nourishing ingredients your hair needs. The variety of options is impressive. The product is also eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

Promising review:

I loved everything about this shampoo bar... The scent, the lathering, and the conditioning all in one eco-friendly package. My coarse hair finally had softness. Love this product. — Kelli Carlton

I will NEVER go back to bottled shampoo. I have a very sensitive scalp, and I’ve always had issues with shampoos. This not only leaves my hair and scalp feeling refreshed, but it’s also biodegradable packaging, which is great for our planet. The soap itself bubbles up superfast. It smells great. It rinses out super easily.
My scalp doesn’t itch anymore, and I don’t have scabs from irritation like I used to while using bottled shampoos. My hair is left feeling soft and clean and is less frizzy than normal. This is quite literally the best shampoo I’ve ever used. Don’t skip this because of the price. It goes a long way. Well-worth it. — Emi

We hope that our picks will help you level up your travel game. After all, it is very important to have a quality rest with as little as possible standing in your way.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews could have been edited for length and clarity.


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