10 Things Flight Attendants Rarely Talk About, Plus Tips to Make Your Flights More Comfortable

2 years ago

A stewardess is one of the most romantic jobs in the world. These beautiful women always remain calm and smile in any situation — all while wearing high heels. And of course, flight attendants have their own secrets that they don’t reveal to regular passengers.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve decided to find out what stewardesses are hiding behind their polite smiles and learn a few new tricks that can make any flight a more pleasant one. We also found out that sometimes flight attendants forget about formalities and can have fun at work. Make sure to read the article all the way to the end to learn more.

10. Only men used to be flight attendants in the past.

Men were the first flight attendants. As usual, the situation was changed by one brave woman — a nurse named Ellen Church. She learned to control a plane in 1930 and offered to work as a flight attendant for Boeing Air Transport. Other airline companies decided that this was a great marketing move to attract passengers: if a young girl was not scared of flying, then others would follow her example.

9. Not waiters but rather, the captain’s assistants

Many people believe that a flight attendant’s job is to serve food, keep the plane clean and do what passengers ask. But the main job of a flight attendant is to be the eyes and ears of the captain who is the main boss of the plane and is responsible for providing solutions to emergency situations. Flight attendants control parts of the plane and in case something happens, they report to the captain. Every hour, flight attendants have to communicate with pilots to make sure everything is going well.

8. Flight attendants aren’t paid until the plane door is closed.

Many airlines offer hourly payments to flight attendants. However, only the hours spent in the air are paid. So if a flight is delayed, that’s bad news for the crew.

7. Takeoff and landing is not a time for sleep.

Many people love falling asleep right after taking their seat on a plane. But flight attendants recommend not doing this. They often have to help such people because they get nosebleeds from the change in pressure. It’s better to chew on a piece of gum before the plane gains altitude.

6. Sleep is the key to a comfortable flight.

After takeoff, you can take a nap. This is a great thing to do for those who are scared of flying and it’s a chance for flight attendants to get some rest. Sometimes, flight attendants encourage this on night flights as they deliberately delay serving food to let passengers fall asleep. If a person is asleep, nobody will wake them up.

5. Chicken or fish?

For some unexplainable reason, most people prefer chicken as a meat. So, the passengers at the end of the plane only get fish. When they run out of chicken, flight attendants do a little trick. They tell passengers that the fish is a special from the “chef” and that it’s served exclusively on this flight. That way, the fish is more popular.

4. Why you should comply with the demands of flight attendants

If a flight attendant asks you to put your chair in its upright position, you should do it immediately. Why? In order to make sure that the passenger behind you doesn’t damage their nose during a rough landing. And if you don’t comply, they may use force. Some air companies supply flight attendants with tasers.

3. Which seats are the best?

The back of the plane doesn’t just have the safest seats. The service in this part of the plane is better too. The reason for this is very simple: anything a passenger may ask for is right there in the back. Whether it’s a pillow or an extra blanket — the people in the back get these things first.

2. What flight attendants can do

All flight attendants can give first aid — they can even deliver a baby! But this knowledge will only be used in case there isn’t already a doctor on board.

1. Useful tips you should know

  • Never walk on a plane without shoes. The floor of a regular plane is much dirtier than you could imagine.
  • Toilets are also not very clean. Use them only if you really need to and don’t forget about using antibacterial kleenex even if you’ve washed your hands.
  • The table you are using to eat on may have been recently used for a different purpose. For example, some passengers change diapers on it. Again, use antibacterial kleenex. Wash the table for your own safety.
  • If you don’t want to get in trouble, don’t say any words connected with terrorism on the plane. Nobody will appreciate the joke.
  • Flight attendants can help you with any problem except for one. Don’t even think about asking them for a needle and thread to fix a button. Nobody on the crew sews anything before the flight. It’s a professional superstition.
  • Try not to ask for diet coke during the flight: it’s very hard to pour into the glass because it contains a lot of bubbles.
  • Flight attendants have very little free time during the flight. So they will really appreciate it if you come to them yourself to ask for a glass of water. This is a good chance to stretch your legs, too.
  • Kind and polite passengers can get a bonus. If a flight attendant likes you, you may get an extra portion of food or a better seat on the plane.
  • You are welcome to leave tips for flight attendants, but very few passengers actually do it.

And now, here’s a briefing before the flight with a beautiful delivery.

Have a nice flight! Do you have any stories about something that happened to you on a plane? Share them in the comment section below!

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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