10 Things You Should Be Buying Used Instead of New

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2 years ago

Buying secondhand products can be extremely beneficial. They can help you avoid spending too much money when they’re just as good as new ones, and this can also help our environment. With each used product we buy, we’re helping nature regenerate and grow.

We at Bright Side would like to help you in this new shopping culture and gathered a list of 8 products that are better to buy secondhand than new.

1. Books

Books have found a way to survive among us for centuries. They hold, in their pages, the pinnacle of our society’s way of life. And because of that, a used book is one that has more history. Also, if you’re excited to read it and find it extremely interesting, selling it to someone or giving it to a secondhand library is a way to share that experience with more people.

2. Tech gadgets

Technology moves extremely fast, and it’s hard to keep up with those changes, especially from an economic perspective. That’s why a way to surpass that and get your hands onto some tech gadgets is by buying used ones. Some companies are even starting to offer refurbished products that work as well as new ones.

3. Bicycles

New bikes can cost a huge amount of money, especially if they are professional ones. But with a little reform and repair and a new coat of paint, a used bike can ride as good as a new one. This is even more helpful if that bike is for a kid that they can outgrow in a few months.

4. Clothing

Sometimes buying a new clothing item for a special occasion isn’t the best choice. A wedding, a recital, or a once-in-a-lifetime event are really special, and secondhand clothes can be a perfect fit for them. And maybe after you use them, you can find a way to sell them and recover your money while keeping the memories of the special event.

5. Exercise equipment

Staying healthy and in shape is always important, but sometimes the equipment you need to help you achieve your goals is expensive. A new treadmill or dumbbells are nice, but a secondhand one will do the trick just as well. If you want to build a fitness space in your house, you can start with used equipment.

6. Cars

Cars usually lose value as soon as they leave the lot. That’s why buying used cars gives you the chance to fulfill your goal of having a car without having to spend so much money buying a new one. Keep in mind that you ought to get the car checked by a mechanic before buying it.

7. Jewelry

Jewelry can maintain its uniqueness and worth, even if it’s used. Sometimes people get rid of expensive jewels for a much lower price because they feel it’s old-fashioned. But those pieces are one of a kind and can be yours at a much lower price than newer ones.

8. Musical Instruments

Music instruments don’t change as fast as other objects, like tech gadgets. So that gives you the opportunity to purchase a used, top-notch instrument, good as new. Especially if you are starting your musical career, buying instruments used can give you a chance to acclimate to your learning curve, and when you feel more comfortable, you can change them out for another new or used one.

9. Toys

Kids’ taste changes very quickly. Sometimes they’ll like a toy for a whole year, then suddenly they’ll outgrow it and move on to another one. That’s why if you buy a used toy, you can give your kids the chance to enjoy it for the time they feel fit, and then when they move on to another one, you didn’t spend much money on an expendable toy. Also, when they don’t want the toys anymore, you can give them to another kid that wants to start creating their own experiences with them.

10. Furniture

Flea markets and vintage stores are packed with furniture pieces that have survive many decades and are still standing strong, which is a testament to how resistant they can be. Buying from those places can assure you that you’re going to fill your house with everything you need without spending all of your savings.

What other items do you like to buy used? Let us know in the comments!

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