10 Things You’d Wanna Add to Your “Basics” List

7 months ago

Your search for solutions to numerous daily annoyances is over (for now, at least)! We are proud to present to you these beauties of problem-solving, starting with endlessly reusable silicone stashers and ending with slimming TikTok-viral outfits.

1. Collect, organize, and display all your markers, pens, pencils, and paintbrushes in one place. This handy plastic holder gives you easy access to all your supplies. Never waste another minute searching for your things again!

This product is a huge time saver. It is easy to assemble, making it convenient to set up. It is also super sturdy. You can use the holder at home, in the office, or even when you go on a trip.

Promising review:

  • I started my journey with Copic markers with the 36-marker set. So, as most artists have already experienced, I needed to purchase more colors to accommodate my work. And although the 36 markers come in a neat and orderly case, I was using pouches to contain my growing, disorganized extras. So, I was glad to see this case on Amazon. It can be assembled easily and holds up to 60 markers. I have a stable unit to keep my markers organized and together. And, not only is it useful next to my drawing table, but it actually fits neatly into an ArtBin XL for traveling to events and working onsite. I highly recommend this. — Trevor L. Wooten

2. You’re gonna love preserving food with this reusable silicone bag because it is very convenient and easy to handle. It can be handy whether you’re packing snacks on the go, prepping your meal, or just using it to keep your care products in your gym bag.

The product is dishwasher-, oven-, and microwave-safe. It has a leak-free seal, which is a big plus. And one such bag replaces 260 single-use plastic bags a year.

Promising review:

  • It’s big enough for me to stash a big used onion without letting it dry up. It opens and closes smoothly, yet it seals tight. I’m really happy with this. — Michelle

3. If you still don’t have this item, we are truly surprised! Cause these computer glasses in a nice, compact case are a must for everyone who’s on their gadgets a lot. They’re very lightweight and fit comfortably. The glasses offer great glare reduction and some relaxation while gaming or working.

With these, you can enjoy your digital time without constantly worrying about eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches. The glasses are a comfortable fit, and the frame material is ultra-light yet very durable — good for long-term wearing. Also, they look quite stylish.

Promising review:

  • They’re light, comfy (though they slide down my nose sometimes since I have a smaller nose), and are my favorite pair of glasses to wear. I do not wear them often enough to accurately say they help tremendously, but when I wear them, they help prevent my screen-induced headaches from getting worse. Also, they are flattering, and I get tons of compliments on them.- Lu

4. These silicone AirPods cases, each with a keychain, look just stunning! And they will protect your earphones perfectly. They come in 3 beautiful and creative designs.

This lovely product is pretty sturdy, and you never have to worry about it falling off because of the anti-slip design.

Promising review:

  • I like that it is sheer enough to see the light that tells you the amount of power it has left. No issues opening or closing it either. It has a little hole, so you could attach it to a keyring. The only downside is having trouble clicking the button on the back, but I only had to take it off and use it once. I would 100% recommend it. :) - Kendall Taubert

5. You can easily use this color-changing blush oil on a daily basis. It will perform a little magic on your cheeks (and everywhere you put this on). Just one product will leave your skin lightly and naturally pigmented with a healthy glow.

This blush has a powerful combination of rosehip oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, and skin chi complex to help hydrate, shield, and fight free radicals while also moisturizing your skin. The product is highly long-lasting and heat- and humidity-resistant. It also visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Promising review:

  • I really like this product. I was first introduced to it when I watched Shark Tank, and it performs exactly as described on the show. Its content is an oil-based ingredient. You apply it to your cheek, and apparently, it reacts to the heat or chemistry of your skin, causing it to change color. The result is a natural rosy-pink highlight. Very cool!
    Supposedly, this product is made with all-natural ingredients, so it shouldn’t cause a breakout even though it leaves a highly concentrated oily residue. I don’t have an issue with this because I love that moist, dewy, glowing appearance it gives off. But the oiliness may be off-putting for some. Overall, though a bit pricey for its size, I’d still recommend this product because it performs as described, and a little goes a long way. So, if used sparingly, you could stretch its contents. — Rebecca

6. Tired of using disposable tea bags but not fond of tea leaves getting in your mouth either? Choose a healthy and comfortable way of drinking tea. These reusable silicone tea infusers are non-toxic, durable, and heat-resistant. And they will not ruin the flavor of your tea.

The holes in the product are very small, and it allows maximum water to move through the tea leaves while keeping most of them in the bag. You can choose different packages with different colors of infusers. Come with a handy wooden spoon.

Promising review:

  • I’m enjoying my silicone tea infusers. It’s cute and fun to use. As you can see in my pictures, the before and after. My only issue is taking out the tea leaves. It doesn’t come out easily unless you use something to take out the loose leaves, but it’s not a big deal for me. I would recommend this product. — T-Cakes

7. If you like to take a deeper bath for the ultimate relaxation, here’s your perfect companion: an overflow stopper that’s just like Patrick Star’s twin! This clever device raises the drain, and no water will escape. It stays on well and surely lifts your spirits.

This drain cover is crafted from high-quality silicone. The starfish features a top hole designed to prevent water from flowing out of the tub, which allows for an extra 3–4 inches (7.62–10.16 centimeters) of water depth. It can also prevent babies from hitting their heads in the bathtub. Suitable for various tub shapes and styles.

Promising review:

  • You know the horrible dilemma of taking a bath as an adult when you must choose whether you would like your knees or your shoulders under the nice, warm water? In a regular bath experience, you can never have both. But with this little guy, you can! It gave me a solid 4 additional inches of bath depth. It makes my regular, ordinary bathtub feel like a deep, luxurious tub. It’s got 5 suction cups that hold it on, and they work terrifically.
    This thing is great! Do not leave it unattended while your tub is filling, because you can absolutely flood your bathroom. Not that I did that by accident or anything... In my defense, I had a fever and was totally out of it. On the bright side, my bathroom floor had never been so clean! Don’t do what I did that one time, but definitely do enjoy a deeper bath with this starfish friend. — Jaydra P.

8. These cute little lipsticks, each the size of a pill, will fit anywhere you need them. They come in a nice range of colors and are very pigmented. No wonder they went viral!

These hydrating, long-wearing lipsticks leave lips smooth and bright without feeling dry. With them, you can touch up or even change your makeup completely on the go.

Promising review:

  • I bought this product as a joke since I’ve seen them go pretty viral. But whoa! They are so cute and SO pigmented. So great for travel or to just keep in your bag for touch-ups. I will say that I would have loved a better color selection! — Denah Stratton

9. Take a look at this bright and happy cushion that will be a nice accent on any chair or sofa. The softness is overwhelming. And it will keep its shape for a long period of time due to its filling.

The product is very durable and can hold up to daily use. Use it as a foot cushion, seating cushion, or back cushion, or just lay on it — either way, it is very relaxing.

Promising review:

  • Super cute with vibrant colors and is very soft. I purchased it for my 2-year-old nephew to use as a storytime pillow, and he loves it. — Amazon Customer

10. These waist-slimming bodysuits are super cute and made with thick fabric that gives you tightness. And although there is no bra insert, you don’t have to wear one with these because they are not see-through.

This product is well-made and of good quality, which makes it absolutely worth the hype (such suits went totally viral on TikTok).

Promising review:

  • This set of bodysuits is SO GOOD. The material is buttery soft, they aren’t see-through at ALL, and they fit wonderfully. I may order another color set cause I just can’t get over how great they are! — Amazon Customer

We hope you’ll enjoy using these handy products. And if they do not manage to change your life for the better (although we strongly believe in their potential), there is always more to where they come from.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews could have been edited for length and clarity.

Preview photo credit T-Cakes / Amazon


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