10 Thrilling Stories That Would Give Even Voldemort Goosebumps

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Life is full of unexplained events, but the stories our heroes lived through are so gripping that they could be the plot of a mesmerizing mystical series for streaming. Their experiences are like hidden gems, waiting to be discovered and shared with the world, sparking curiosity and wonder.

  • “I was at my folks’ house, home on break from college. I was getting breakfast in the kitchen and heard a male voice call my name from down the hall, clear enough that I immediately assumed my dad had stayed home sick from work. I went down the hall to go check on him, only to find I was alone in the house.” PsuedoPlacebo / Reddit
  • “One afternoon at work, I walked past a room with a window in the door and glanced in, seeing a woman standing there, even though there were only three people in the building and the others were in the office behind me. Startled, I backed up quickly, but by the time I looked back, the room was empty.
    Another coworker mentioned seeing the shadow of the door moving when no one was there. We all had similar eerie experiences, like hearing breathing in empty corners or feeling like someone had entered a room only to find it empty. Despite skepticism from one manager, we witnessed a book being thrown down the hallway in response to her challenge, leading to her eventual departure from the job.” Whimsical_Mara / Reddit
  • “My brother and I were teens, eating dinner in the kitchen. There was a glass of water on the counter. We heard a noise where the glass was and both looked toward it, and we swore we saw it move an inch. As we were still looking and discussing it, the glass flew several feet across the counter and smashed onto the floor.” Bethiam / Reddit
  • “A couple of years ago, our TV started behaving strangely, pausing, fast-forwarding, and rewinding on its own, flicking through channels, changing the volume, and even putting on horror movies without our input. It also entered the pin for mature films by itself, despite us changing it multiple times.
    Then it began flashing random pictures on the screen, like cats’ eyes. We contacted the TV company, but they couldn’t explain or fix it, so we had to replace the box. It was a terrifying experience, and we still don’t know what caused it.” kasaroma / Reddit
  • “Shortly after my grandfather passed, my mom, brother, and I were sitting in the living room. The front door was not closed all the way and swung open (pretty normal for a house to ’breathe’ like this). I said, ’Okay, Papa, close the door behind you when you come in.’ The door then swung all the way closed to the point where the handle latched, and this was a door that you kind of had to put your shoulder into to make it latch.” PsuedoPlacebo / Reddit
  • “So, I was walking home from college one afternoon—it’s about a 2-mile walk between home and college. I’m on the outskirts of the town center, entering a busy neighborhood, and everything seems normal until I start getting a creepy feeling, like I was being watched or something. So, I look around, and what do I find?
    Literally, every person is looking at me and watching me as I go past them. Even the people driving were looking at me as they went past. Like, there was this one guy who was turning the corner to come onto the road I was about to cross, and he was legit leaning over in his seat, staring at me as he drove round this corner!
    This happened for the entire way home but hasn’t happened since. I was super freaked out. I didn’t tell my family or friends because they would think I’m crazy. And y’all out there saying this world ain’t a simulation.” taylor_sharon01 / Reddit
  • “When I was 7 years old, my grandma was in the hospital dying. At the time, my family was strapped for cash and my mom was pregnant, so only my dad went to California (where she lived) to see her before she died. The day that she died, we got a phone call from her with her wanting to talk to each of us, saying how much she loved us.
    A few hours later, we got a call from family members saying that she had passed away. When we told them that we had just received a call from her a few hours prior, everybody was in disbelief, saying that she had been laying unconscious in the hospital bed all day, and she could have never called let alone been able to articulate her thoughts to us. To this day, we have no idea how she called us, and I don’t think we ever will.” ImNotActuallyDead / Reddit
  • “It was a rainy winter morning. My father and I were pulling out of the driveway, headed to school. We both saw a glimpse of a girl in a white dress, barefoot, blonde, maybe five years old run around the corner of our home and out of sight. We both looked at each other and acknowledged that we witnessed the same thing.
    He got out of the car and ran around the house to look for her. When he came back, he said he couldn’t find anyone but called my mom to let her know that a little kid might be running around the yard. We thought it was weird, but not much was said of it. And there weren’t any missing kids in the area.
    A few months later, we were remodeling our basement and found a photo album hidden behind the drywall. It was full of photos of a little girl with blonde hair in a white dress. The photo album was from 1922.” cryptkeeper222 / Reddit
  • “About a decade ago, I was visiting a graveyard to pay my respects (this was back in my family’s home country). I was feeling absolutely fine throughout the day, but come time to leave the graveyard, I suddenly felt like I couldn’t walk by myself. My shoulders were extremely heavy, my body was drained, and my legs felt like they were being anchored down by weights — more specifically, hands.
    It was as if I had multiple hands grabbing me by the ankles, so I couldn’t keep walking. I actually felt quite panicked, so I told the family member I was with that I’m literally feeling like my ’life forces’ (for lack of better translation) are being sucked out of me, to which they nonchalantly replied, ’Well, THEY probably want your young, lively spirit.’” TheBilingualSnail / Reddit
  • “Driving home from work late at night, I was driving past some apartments and suddenly saw a person in the road in front of me. I locked up the brakes and came to a stop right where the person was, only there was nothing there. Being late at night in the dark after a long work day, I always kinda chalked this one up to ’seeing the black dog.’” PsuedoPlacebo / Reddit

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