10 Unusual Versions of Ordinary Things That Can Put Your “Groundhog Day” to an End

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If you feel like you’re stuck in an endless “groundhog day” and lack novelty in your life, this selection can cheer you right up. We searched Amazon to find things that have cool features that make them special, and we’re excited to show you our top 10 finds. LED chopsticks that look like lightsabers, an umbrella that changes its color when it rains, a beanie hat with built-in headphones, and other items from this list can brighten up your daily routine. Don’t miss your chance to hit the “add to cart” button.

1. These LED chopsticks glow in the dark and light up the food you’re eating. They look just like lightsabers and can be a fun novelty gift for any Star Wars fan. You can turn an ordinary dinner into a cool party if you dim the lights and offer these LED chopsticks to your guests. Apart from emitting colorful light, they do just as chopsticks should and are convenient to use. The batteries are included in the package.

Promising reviews: A must-have for any Star Wars fan! Every Star Wars fan should own these lightsaber chopsticks! It’s a great price and it arrived in good time. @Clair Brown

It’s a great gift. They work well. The light illuminates the entire stick and is as bright as the picture indicates. @Andre


2. This throw blanket looks just like a giant mouthwatering tortilla. Made of soft flannel, it will keep you cozy and warm while making you look like a tasty burrito. The blanket can be a nice gag gift for a friend, or an unusual piece of décor that can spice up any interior. Both kids and adults love this blanket, and if you’re looking for a nice yet unique gift for someone, you can’t go wrong with this item.

Promising review: I bought this as a gag gift for my kids who always want to wrap themselves in blankets to be “burritos” and I can’t believe how much I love it!! It looks absolutely perfect and it’s soooo unbelievably soft! I’m gonna have to get 2 since my kids are always fighting about who gets to be the burrito!! Great quality!!! 100% worth it! @Jamie Givens


3. This pair of slippers doubles as a mop. Walking is mopping with this brilliant invention that can save you a ton of time cleaning your floors. Just imagine: your floor becomes cleaner and shinier with every step! The microfiber bottoms of the slippers pick up dirt, dust, and hair like a magnet, and they’re detachable and machine-washable for your convenience. The slippers have no hard edges, so you can wear them on wood, tile, vinyl, and other floors.

Promising review: These may seem silly, but wait till you try them! I bought a pair of mopping shoes 3 years ago and this is my first replacement. I clean my kitchen floor frequently and these make my life so much easier. Not only can you mop and walk around without ruining your hard work, I use this when I’m done cleaning to apply the high-shine polish. My family laughs at me but it makes the job so much easier and fun. I shove my foot in little spots and corners and find these to be practical and very useful. When you finish, just peel the mop-ey part off the shoe and launder. I love them! @Amia


4. These “lazy” glasses with reflective prisms let you read or watch TV while lying in bed without lifting your head. Finally, someone who understands that awful neck pain that occurs when you have to lift your head up to read a book or watch a TV show when you just want to lie flat in your bed. You can also wear these prism glasses together with your ordinary glasses, as they won’t affect their functioning.

Promising review: I recently had to lie flat on my back for 8 days and nights (toilet and meal breaks excluded). I bought these glasses so that I could watch TV whilst in that position. They work fine, although I did start to get eye strain after a while so I wouldn’t recommend watching a 10-series box set back to back. The only issue I have is that the description says to pick your size carefully and go for the large size if wearing spectacles. I couldn’t find anywhere to select a size and would have liked a slightly larger size than the pair I received. Having said that, they were okay to use. @C. S. Short


5. This water bottle will motivate you to stay hydrated throughout the day. The inspirational quotes and time markers on the bottle will let you track your water intake, while its bright colors will cheer you up. The flip-top lid is designed with a secure lock that will effectively prevent any leakage, and the food-grade silicone straw allows you to enjoy spill-proof sipping. The bottle also has a wrist strap that makes drinking on the go super easy.

Promising review: It’s definitely encouraging me to drink more water. This bottle doesn’t leak and is the perfect amount to take with you on the go. The colors look fabulous. My partner liked mine so much we ended up getting a second one for him. Great quality and perfect for what I wanted! @Viki


6. This Bluetooth beanie has a built-in light and headphones. The hat is equipped with stereo speakers and a microphone, so you can not only listen to music while wearing this beanie but also accept calls. The rechargeable and removable LED light has 3 brightness modes, so you’ll always find your way in the dark. The battery lasts for up to 8 hours and can be fully charged within 1 to 2 hours. Your evening walks can get so much cooler with this novelty hat!

Promising review: Wow! This hat has made walking the dog more interesting. It’s a nice beanie hat that does a great job of keeping you warm. The light can be put on high, medium, or low light by the press of a button, and it makes picking up after your dog in poor light very easy. The Bluetooth was very easy to pair and works really well. The speakers fit into little holes so they’re held in place. They give off a good sound. Pressing the buttons is a bit fiddly till you are used to where they are and which button does what. The hands-free calling works great too. I’m really impressed with this and would definitely recommend it, the other half wants one and it’s definitely something I would buy. @Reviewer 2022


7. This shower sponge and brush set has a really long handle that will help you clean your feet in the most thorough way, even between your toes! The brush will help you gently scrub your heels without bending. The tool is perfect for elderly people, pregnant women, or anyone who doesn’t like making extra movements and bending while showering. The set also includes 2 spare sponges.

Promising review: It’s a very useful long-handle bath or shower brush. It’s perfect for washing/brushing feet in the bath or shower if a person has difficulty in bending. Excellent product. It’s exactly as shown and described. It’s also a good price. @DEVONIAN LADY


8. This umbrella changes its color when it gets wet. With this umbrella, you’ll want to walk in the rain more often just to see its magic in action. When raindrops fall on its surface, white butterflies turn into colored ones. The slip-proof and rubber grip handle makes it more convenient to hold the umbrella, especially on windy days. Its compact size makes this umbrella a good choice for traveling and everyday use, as you can easily carry it around in your bag.

Promising review: This is such a pretty umbrella, it has white butterflies on it that change to multi-colored pastel pinks and blues when it rains. I’ve never seen an umbrella that does this. I like the push button action, it holds up well in windy conditions, and it seems to be very sturdy. Highly recommended. @Emmazon


9. This dog collar glows in the dark. With this collar, your dog will be visible even on the darkest nights, which will make your walks safer and surely funnier. By pressing the button, you can switch between 3 light modes: fast flash, slow flash, and constant light. And don’t worry about ordering the collar in the right size, as the item can be easily cut to the desired length.

Promising review: It’s perfect for night walks around the village. Bright, long-lasting, and robust. Mine charges fine, but the cover over the USB port is a bit flimsy so it might get clogged up over time I guess. It’s bright and visible enough to stop the traffic. When our boy was distracted by another dog across the road and started pulling at the lead: he stayed on the pavement but was visible enough to alert the oncoming drivers that he wanted to run into the road. I would recommend this collar. @Enormous Sage


10. These molds are for making sphere-shaped ice cubes, also known as “ice balls.” With the help of these molds, you can freeze water, jelly, pudding, juice, or whatever else you want. Ice balls last way longer than ice cubes, which means you can enjoy your cold drinks even more. The molds are made from food-grade silicone, which is non-toxic, they’re odorless, 100% safe, and super easy to clean.

Promising review: It’s an easy-to-use mold for larger ice. The ice balls are great for cocktails but are great in juice or water too because the ice obviously takes longer to melt. It’s great when the weather is really hot! It’s also great for when someone has an injury because it saves frozen food from being used and instead, an ice ball (wrapped in a towel!). @Debz


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