10 Women Who Started Discovering Skin Care and Now Can’t Stop Radiating Joy

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Our heroines understand the direct impact of skin condition on mood and confidence. They’ve discovered effective skincare routines, now reveling in their reflections. Some altered lifestyles, others opted for beauty treatments like injections or skincare products. While they boast about their results, we advise consulting a dermatologist before trying unfamiliar products on your skin.

1. “3 weeks of regular Red Light Therapy.”

2. “4 days after Botox on my neck.”

3. “Before and 3 weeks after my dermatologist performed my first BBL treatment.”

4. “I’m turning 31 years old in two weeks and I wanted to show you the progress my oily and prone to acne skin has made so far.”

5. “26 to 30.”

6. “I want to share my microneedling results after 1 session. 1st photo is day before. 2nd photo is the day after. 3rd photo is 2 weeks post microneedling.”

7. “This is the before and after of my full year of skincare. While it’s not great all the time, it’s good to look back and see some progress.”

8. “Niacinamide has been truly amazing for my pores.”

9. “13 month difference between the two.”

10. “Crying tears of happiness. 7 weeks between pics.”

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