11 Accessories We’d Better Think Twice Before Buying

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Surely, most of us have bought an accessory believing we would use it for years to come. We still do not understand how, but what seemed to be trendy at one time then ended up in the back of the closet. We probably overlooked 11 small details that can make a difference between the accessories that remain in the drawer and those that we use every day.

1. Everyday bags

In recent seasons, a color boom has been sweeping everything in its path, and it will probably continue to do so. But we must be careful of where that splash of color is coming from. You buy an orange bag and suddenly, you only use it twice...

The key in bags is always to have a sober and elegant one, neither too small nor too big. That is the one that will accompany you all your life.

2. Sunglasses

We’d love to keep that lovely pair of sunglasses forever. We might want to buy very striking ones at first, but we must resist the urge since we’re likely not going to use them very often. If we opt for classical ones, on the other hand, we’ll never have to worry about looking overloaded, and we’ll be able to use them a lot more.

3. Belts

For those dresses or items of clothing that do not highlight the figure, we sometimes buy a belt. Some were used only once and those that can still be combined over and over again. The difference between the first and the second group is in the thickness — a very flashy belt will remain in the closet, while a thin chain will be our best ally.

4. Hoops for daily use

When hoop earrings first appeared, we all believed that they’d come to stay. The reality is that they are classic, and we will probably continue using them for many more years. But when it comes to earrings, we must also bet on comfort. Those simple ones that aren’t too big, but the right size, will be your best friends.

5. Matching necklaces and bracelets

Although necklaces and bracelets are sometimes sold as a matching set, we must be supercritical when choosing them. Here the thickness also plays a very important role, meaning we can play with the sizes but always paying attention to the combinations. That set of large stones will remain stored unless you use the pieces separately.

6. Boots

Tall boots were all the rage at one point, but high-knee footwear is not worn that often anymore. Lowering the height a bit will make a huge difference. Even if high boots are trend on fashion’s horizon, low-top footwear will always be fashionable.

7. Pashmina for everyday use

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We have trusted pashminas to make our outfits more striking. One day, we might go for an animal print or a super colorful one, but, unfortunately, they are not that easy to combine with the rest of our clothes. The perfect choice would be a shade that highlights the colors we wear frequently or that brightens our faces.

8. Silver or gold accessories

When it comes to jewelry, there’s always that existential doubt — silver or gold? We must first solve this dilemma by paying attention to the colorimetry of our skin. If we have cold skin, we should opt for silver; if it is warm, gold. We only have to observe the back of the forearm and define if our tone is cold (blue veins) or warm (greenish veins).

9. Big jewelry

Maximalism is trending, but if we have short fingers and want to have jewelry to wear for many years, we must resist the temptation and avoid wearing large rings. The thing is that they monopolize our hands, and that doesn’t look good. On the contrary, thin rings will increase the visual length of the fingers.

10. Accessories and outfits of the same texture

It is very important to pay attention to textures since, together with footwear or bags, they are the heart and soul of accessories. Although wearing large accessories at the same time is not recommended, you will be in style if you manage to combine the same textures for your clothes and accessories. However, better be careful not to overload an outfit.

11. Pearls and chains

Pearls have been used since the earliest days of civilization and have long functioned as a class parameter. Thanks to their historic significance, pearls will never go out of style. They are the item that everyone must have. There’s no need to wear them alone, they look great with chains too.

What accessory have you bought thinking you’d use it every day and then was left in its box? What is that item that has become your most faithful companion?


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