11 Celebrities Who Are in No Way Going to Say Goodbye to Their Favorite Clothes

2 years ago

Celebrities have to visit numerous events and almost always appear in different outfits. It seems their closets are full of different gowns, and they never wear anything twice. But it turns out that this simply isn’t true. Many celebs have favorite pieces of clothing that they continue to wear for years.

We at Bright Side decided to find out what clothing items celebs have gotten so used to that they are willing to wear them again and again.

Johnny Depp and the jacket that he has been wearing for decades — he was first captured in it in 1993.

The actor likes to wear glasses and, of course, he has his favorite ones among them.

Cate Blanchett’s stylish top goes equally well with a skirt and trousers.

Anna Wintour has been faithful not only to her significant hairstyle but also to a light mantle.

Also, the chief editor of Vogue has a piece of jewelry that she will likely never say goodbye to.

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t feel shy about appearing in the same jacket at public events.

Katie Holmes’ dark red boots have not changed much over the many years of wear.

And the actress doesn’t feel shy about wearing her favorite footwear not only for regular walks but also for public events.

Vanessa Hudgens is definitely in love with her hat.

And she feels the same about her furry loafers.

It seems Bradley Cooper has found his ideal sneakers.

And a baseball cap...

Selena Gomez doesn’t part with her favorite earrings.

Just like many of us, Naomi Watts has the perfect pair of jeans that have been serving her for years.

And this hat...

Sarah Jessica Parker is a famous fashionista, but it doesn’t prevent her from donning the same items as many times as she wants.

Here, for example, is a gray knitted hat that the actress has been wearing for many years.

And this is a lace headpiece that she has donned on the red carpet many times.

Winona Ryder looked stunning in her black fishnet dress both in 2005 and 2014.

What favorite clothing items do you have that you’re willing to wear for years and years?


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