11 Comfy Beds We Want to Sleep in Right Away

4 years ago

Sleep takes up a big part of our lives! The place a person sleeps should be beautiful, comfortable and spacious. That’s why modern designers and manufacturers are trying to meet the requirements of a wide variety of people, creating beds for any taste.

Today, Bright Side learned about the most interesting, modern and unusual beds and would like to share them with you.

1. A futuristic bed with a light alarm

An egg-shaped bed from the Lomme company has installed lighting as well as a music player that helps one to fall asleep faster. The manufacturer promises that you’ll feel a boost of energy after sleeping in such a bed.

2. A bed that transforms into a sofa

The Scoop! model manufactured by Saba Italia can be unfolded and transformed into 2 sofas. The bed consists of 2 semicircular halves, which can be used in either a folded or unfolded position.

3. A bed for teenagers

This bed’s designer, Roberta Ramme from Brazil, has created a unit called Wave Chaise, which unites a sofa, a small desk, a TV set, and a music player. It also has bookshelves and special lighting for comfortable reading.

4. A bed that saves space

The Italian furniture manufacturer, Dielle created a bed that is much higher than a normal one. Additionally, there is a lot of space for storage under this bed. It can fit perfectly in a small room and can hide all your clothes and other stuff in the space underneath it.

5. A bed with a built-in TV set

The Italian designer, Eduardo Carlino created the Hi-Can bed. It is equipped with a built-in screen, projector and speakers. It is perfect for people who like to enjoy watching their favorite movies or playing games before going to bed. It is also equipped with rolling blinds that can provide complete privacy.

6. An elevator-bed

We all want to have more space in our homes. This bed created by the Espace Loggia company has a lifting mechanism that can help give more space to a room. It’s a perfect option for those who don’t have much space but want to sleep in a big bed.

7. A bed that sustains a comfortable temperature

It’s difficult to get good sleep when the air in the room is too hot. But Solar Bed can help you set an ideal temperature. The bed is surrounded by large transparent curtains that are equipped with special technology that accumulates solar energy. Later, this energy helps to cool down space inside.

8. A bed that divides space

This bunk bed was created by Vardehaugen and it doesn’t actually look like a classic bunk bed. The sleeping spaces are located on top of each other but are in different rooms. That’s why it can be used for sleeping and as well as for dividing space.

9. A bed for those who like to lie on grass

This grassy bed can be placed in the backyard in the summer for those who like to enjoy the sun’s rays. Moreover, it can become an unexpected element of your landscape design.

10. A very king-size bed

This giant “Family Bed” has a width of 12 feet and it can provide sleeping space for all family members. This bed can be especially helpful for those who need big space while sleeping and tend to end up on the very edge of the bed in the morning.

11. A bed where everything is at hand

This bed is a real treasure for those who like multifunctional furniture. It’s very spacious and has many shelves, as well as a convenient table and a section for storing pillows and blankets.

Which of these beds would you like to sleep in right now? Please tell us about it in the comments!


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