11 Famous Models Who Aren’t Afraid to Show Their Unfiltered Side

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While real women are becoming more and more comfortable and vocal about their bodies’ little eccentricities, so are some world-famous models. Because let’s admit it, nobody’s perfect, not even celebs, as they’re still human beings. And ahead, we’ve tracked down 10 models who have flaunted their imperfections by sharing candid pictures of their bodies or faces without Photoshop. We’re not ashamed — we’re quite proud to have them.

1. Cindy Crawford

The “ageless model,” as some call her, seems to put too much pressure on the supermodel Cindy Crawford, and she rejects it, stating, “I know all the ways that I’ve aged. My face has gotten much thinner; my mouth isn’t as full. Being told I’m ‘ageless’ isn’t right.” But the model doesn’t hesitate to celebrate her natural bare face and flaunt her perfect skin in makeup-free selfies.

2. Heidi Klum

The supermodel, Heidi Klum, is all about loving herself at any age. And she opened up about not stressing out overlooks as she ages. “Your body changes when you have children; you get wrinkles as you age. I like that I have laugh lines from smiling too much,” she admitted. And she never hesitates to post unretouched, close-up selfies to celebrate her natural beauty on her Instagram page.

3. Tyra Banks

The former supermodel has revealed that she has gained weight and does not have a complex because of weight fluctuations. On the contrary, she enjoys them. “Every year, this body of mine keeps changing,” Banks admitted alongside sultry shots of herself in a black one-piece swimsuit. “My body is fuller. And so is my mind.”

4. Ashley Graham

Supermodel Ashley Graham has always been one to keep it real, and after giving birth to her son in January 2020, she had no qualms about debuting her post-pregnancy stretch marks on Instagram.
And speaking about the photos, Graham admitted, “I’ve got more weight on me. I’ve got stretch marks... Here I am, out and about and proud.”

On a different note, after giving birth to her twins, Graham revealed that she was experiencing postpartum hair loss, and she shared some pics of her showing off her wispy hairline. “I think it was like around 4 months, my whole hairline fell out. And that was more traumatic than even birth because I was like... My hair’s falling out in clumps, what am I doing? And then I realized it’s actually a thing,” the model confessed.

5. Jasmine Tookes

The Victoria’s Secret Angel, Jasmine Tookes, made headlines for all the right reasons when she posed for a shoot showing off her stretch marks in an unprecedented display of honesty. A series of stretch marks appeared on the upper part of her left thigh, which would be erased if the images were airbrushed. This candid ad was a relief for many women out there.

6. Jourdan Dunn

Model Jourdan Dunn showed off her tiger stripes with pride when she posed for a pic with Cara Delevingne, showing their matching tattoos. She had also posted an Instagram photo of her body, revealing stretch marks on her stomach.

7. Barbie Ferreira

The teen model shared a snap of her stretch marks with her Instagram followers. “My lil stripes are out here, soothing them with vitamin E oil and noticing how cute my body can be despite lil changes!” she proudly captioned the photo.

8. Iskra Lawrence

The blonde plus-size bombshell, Iskra Lawrence, promotes a special kind of body positivity. We can feel the self-love in a cute bikini picture where she pointed out that she hadn’t airbrushed away her “tiger stripe stretch marks” or her “cellulite lightning bolts.” In the caption, she wrote, “You are more than your body, and you get to decide what beauty is.”

In another post, Lawrence didn’t hesitate to share another body-positive photo of her stomach rolling proudly.

9. Denise Bidot

The Latina plus-size model has been vocal about body love in her beachside selfie. She explained that she is learning to love her body more and more each day, along with her stretch marks and touching thighs. “Life is what you make of it, ladies, let’s just learn to be happy, in the end, that’s all that matters. So I’m posting this to show that no one is perfect, and that’s okay,” the model added in the caption.

10. Brooklyn Decker

The actress-model wasn’t afraid to laugh at herself, admitting that even world-famous beauties can have extra chins when she posted a silly photo of her on her Instagram page. On top of that, the humourous beauty invited her followers to play “a little game” with her called “count the chins.”

11. Lourdes Leon

Pop icon Madonna has always embraced her armpit fuzz and has been a vocal advocate for natural hair since she first entered the music industry. Evidently, her daughter, Lourdes Leon, a model and fashion designer, has followed in her mother’s fuzzy footsteps. Leon also opts for a beauty routine free of shaving foam.

Does your favorite celeb revealing their imperfections make them less of an idol to you, or does it make them more relatable to the rest of us? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Madonna / Twitter


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