11 Items That Are Worth Every Penny

11 months ago

Very often, when we buy something, we try to find the best offer possible — the cheapest. It’s only right and natural, but this isn’t true for everything, as there are certain things that are definitely worth the money, even if it’s a lot. And it’s important not to skimp on these items in order not to sacrifice comfort for the money you saved.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Time is money, as the well-known saying goes. And in the modern world, this piece of wisdom is even more relevant than ever. Floors get dirty just as quickly as always, but it seems like there’s less time for cleaning, as there’s so much else to do.

Even if you’re a freelancer working from home with no children or pets, if you’re someone who’d rather spend time working or studying than cleaning, this device is definitely for you. And saving even an hour or 2 a week will lead to the robot vacuum cleaner paying for itself in just a couple of months and multiple times over the course of a year. Of course, it’s best to buy a reliable model with good reviews, so you don’t have to spend money on repairs or accidentally buy something that isn’t suitable.

Long charging cables

Usually, they are cheaper than standard ones, and we often think about them but never actually buy them. And then we continue to experience inconveniences, like having to reach from the bed for our phones or step over hanging cables. If you have lots of devices and can’t imagine a single day without social media, chatting online, and other things, you need an extra-long cable.


Good screwdrivers and hammers are must-haves, even in a super modern loft in the center of the capital. And if you live in the suburbs or in a private house, a set of high-quality tools is more of a necessity than a luxury. It’s also worth noting that cheap and inconvenient tools don’t inspire any desire to use them, and we’ll do anything to avoid doing so. It’s better to pay once to ensure good quality for many years and enjoy using the tools.

Automatic cat litter box

Cat litter boxes can be a headache for many cat owners. Buying, replacing, scooping, washing, drying, and cleaning — and this task needs to be done every few days (if not more). Fortunately, a real solution has recently appeared on the market in the form of an automatic litter box.

It’s designed in such a way that it rotates inside, so the waste falls into a special compartment, which is usually closed. Such litter boxes have a motion sensor installed, and the filler itself is poured to the bottom into a special bag. All you have to do then is throw away the bag and add new filler. Isn’t this the pinnacle of convenience?

Face moisturizer and SPF

Even children know that it’s best to apply good sunscreen before leaving home, not only on the face but on exposed skin on the body as well. Of course, it’s important to choose a high-quality product and not a cheap one that will just leave a sticky white residue. It’s better not to take any chances and choose a well-made product.


For coffee fans, a steaming, aromatic cup in the morning is the key to a good day. But sometimes it becomes frustrating — why doesn’t it taste as good at home as it does in the coffee shop across the street? Of course, a cup of coffee there is not cheap, but the taste is well worth it.

Instant coffee, which many of us prefer for its convenience, has many advantages, but it cannot replace freshly brewed, properly ground coffee. It is much more cost-effective and enjoyable to buy a good package of coffee and make it at home than to drink tasteless coffee and still spend money on takeout coffee.


This is another accessory that is directly connected to our health and quality of life. A high-quality bidet or a special toilet seat can warm up the water to the necessary temperature, warm the seat, filter the air, and even dry the skin so that you don’t have to use a towel.

Reusable menstrual products

Pads are not cheap, and neither are tampons. A high-quality menstrual cup is, of course, even more expensive. But it’s reusable, so it will recover its cost within the first 2-3 months. You can’t run out of it, you can swim with it, and, if used correctly, it’s impossible to feel and way more environment-friendly than disposable pads.

Wi-Fi router

A device that ensures good internet speed and doesn’t lag or turn off is obviously worth every penny. You don’t have to think about what’s wrong or reboot the router several times a day. It saves a lot of time, which is worth more than any router in the nearest store.

Hair dye

Hair coloring at home is no easy task, no matter how it may seem at first glance. There is always a risk of ending up with slightly the wrong color, leaving it on for too long or not long enough, distributing it unevenly, and who knows what else.

And, of course, the quality of the dye plays a big role in the quality of coloring. It’s definitely not worth skimping on, as damaged hair from cheap, poor-quality dye will, of course, grow back, but the long months it takes to restore it are worth infinitely more than the difference in price.

Laundry detergent

Usually, when we choose a detergent, we strive for the cheapest ones, hoping that all of them are the same anyway. But, in fact, more expensive gels are less damaging, they don’t let clothing fade, and keep fabrics soft. At the same time, regular cheap detergents remove stains, but at what cost? Buying new clothing is definitely more expensive than high-quality detergents.


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