8 Things It’s Better to Overpay for Once So We’re Not Disappointed Later

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2 years ago

It’s good when a person knows what every penny of their budget is spent on, when they don’t make impulsive purchases, and when they don’t accrue debt. These principles that guide a sensible personal budget help to not only save funds but also multiply them. However, excessive miserliness has never done anything good for people. The desire to save money on things that shouldn’t be saved on oftentimes leads to more expenses.

We at Bright Side don’t support unnecessary spending and believe that some things are worth paying more for in order to not regret the attempt to save money on them later.

1. Hand sanitizer

The opinion that hand sanitizers are the same everywhere is wrong. Depending on the active substance used, sanitizers are divided into 2 types: alcohol-based and alcohol-free. Alcohol-free hand sanitizers may smell good and not dry out your hands, but buying them will be a waste of money because they are not as effective.

Experts recommend disinfecting your hands with a disinfecting solution that contains no less than 60% alcohol. Yes, this product might cost a bit more but it fights viruses and microbes much more effectively.

2. Deodorant

Natural deodorants that have only natural ingredients in their composition are quite popular nowadays. The price for them is normally a bit higher than the price for “non-ecological” analogs but oftentimes they don’t contain aggressive components. For example, triclosan is there in many cheap deodorants and this ingredient can cause an allergic reaction.

3. Toothbrush

On average, an electric toothbrush is 10 or even 20 times more expensive than a usual one. However, this product is still worth spending money on. It removes plaque much more effectively and significantly reduces gum disease.

Ordinary brushing can cause cavities because it doesn’t clean plaque well enough. While visiting a dentist hits the budget much stronger than buying a high-tech hygiene product.

4. Knife

Cheap knives, in most cases, stay sharp for a shorter amount of time and don’t fit in the hand well. This doesn’t apply to top-notch knives that have a much higher cost. Thanks to the high-quality steel, this knife stays sharp for many years, while the well-thought-out structure of the handle doesn’t tire out the hand. Buying a high-quality knife is a wise investment that will pay off greatly.

5. Iron

Low price irons are usually light, which makes it easy to use them. However, this same feature is their main disadvantage because due to weak pressure, they cannot always smooth out wrinkles on fabric and, in fact, are useless. Also, cheap irons oftentimes have bad-quality soles, which makes the iron break shortly after it’s put to use.

It’s better to spend money on a more “hi-tech” model that will generate large amounts of steam which will significantly save you time and strength spent on ironing.

6. Curling iron

There are so many different types of curling irons on the market. The most affordable ones are the ones with chrome plating but they are most harmful at the same time. Chrome tends to overheat, which is why it often burns hair. Teflon models also have an attractive price, but they actually dry the hair, making it dull and lifeless.

Some of the safest platings for curling irons are made of ceramic and tourmaline. The price for them is above average, but they don’t ruin the hair.

7. Nail polish

One of the main differences between cheap and expensive nail polishes is a good-quality brush. If it is good, the polish will be applied evenly and stay on longer.

Moreover, reliable brands, as a rule, don’t skimp on research and use safe materials in their composition, that’s why their nail polishes might cost more. In order to decrease expenses, other manufacturers use toxic components like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene and these ingredients can cause serious health issues.

8. Food containers

Modern research says that most plastic products release estrogen-like chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system. Because of these particles, people who use them gain weight, and using these containers can also lead to obesity and cause a decrease in reproductive function.

The safest plastic containers are those that don’t contain BPA. But they are not always harmless. It is better to buy containers made of glass, silicone, ceramic, or stainless steel. Of course, they will cost more but their safety and durability will make the investment sensible and wise.

What is something you will never try to save on even if you are short on money?

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