11 Large Indoor Plants That You Can Easily Grow in Your Living Room

2 years ago

It is no secret that the living room has a different vibe when filled with houseplants. While tiny potted plants are undoubtedly a good way to start the indoor gardening journey, having a large and leafy plant can make your house look like a tropical paradise.

That’s the reason why we at Bright Side created a list of large tropical plants that will make your living room the greenest place in your home.

1. Rubber Tree (Ficus Elastica)

Ficus elastica is a tropical plant from South Asia, also known as a rubber tree. The best way to successfully grow this leafy plant is to keep it in moderate to warm temperatures and in bright, indirect light. Rubber trees love a humid environment, but be careful with watering — it is best to keep the soil steadily moist, not soaked.

Indoor height: Up to 3 meters

2. Areca Palm (Dypsis Lutescens)

The Areca Palm is a good choice if you want to turn your living room into a tropical paradise like its native Madagascar. Keep it close to the window as this plant loves filtered sunrays. Like many palms, Areca loves a humid environment and moist soil, but be careful with overwatering.

Indoor height: Up to 4 meters

3. Corn Plant (Dracaena Fragrans)

This large and leafy indoor tree is called Dracaena fragrans, or its more popular name: corn plant. The corn plant is easy to grow in your living room, as it loves bright spots with indirect light and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. The corn plant is a drought-tolerant houseplant, but just remember to keep its soil consistently moist.

Indoor height: Up to 2 meters

4. Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans)

Chamaedorea elegans was discovered in the rainforests of Southern Mexico and Guatemala. It is a very adaptable tropical plant, so it is the perfect choice when starting an indoor gardening journey. If you want to provide your parlor palm with the proper care, keep it in low-light conditions and avoid overwatering.

Indoor height: Up to 2 meters

5. Yucca (Yucca Elephantipes)

The yucca tree is a slow-growing tropical plant known to be particularly drought-tolerant. This large plant naturally grows in the hot and dry parts of the Caribbean, so it loves well-drained sandy soil. Make sure to provide your yucca tree with as much light as possible, as it adores seizing the sunlight.

Indoor height: Up to 3 meters

6. Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica)

If you want a tropical plant that grows quickly indoors, Pachira aquatica could be the perfect choice for you. Believed to create prosperity in the home, this plant is more commonly known as the money tree. As it naturally grows in swamps, the money tree prefers high humidity and moisture, so water it regularly. Place your money plant in bright to medium indirect light for healthy green leaves.

Indoor height: Up to 2.5 meters

7. Majesty Palm (Ravenea Revularis)

A majesty palm sometimes requires a real “royal” treatment — the balance between light, heat, and fertilization. Other than that, provide the majesty palm with as much light as possible and equally water the soil. If you are just beginning your tropical indoor gardening adventure, it’s probably better to choose a less “royal” palm.

Indoor height: Up to 3 meters

8. Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata)

Dracaena marginata or the so-called dragon tree is native to tropical and subtropical areas, specifically Madagascar. The proper way to water the dragon tree is to let the soil dry between watering. It is important to avoid direct sunlight and keep this houseplant in a bright place with indirect light.

Indoor height: Up to 2 meters

9. Umbrella Tree (Schefflera)

The umbrella tree has charming leaves, and it’s the perfect choice for a living room with little direct sunlight. If it’s kept in a warm and humid environment, the umbrella tree is a fast-growing tropical plant. Schefflera loves constant moisture, but do let the soil dry before the next watering.

Indoor height: Up to 2 meters

10. Fiddle-Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata)

Ficus lyrata, commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig, is native to western Africa, where it grows in lowland tropical rainforests. That is why the fiddle-leaf fig loves bright filtered light and humidity. You can keep it next to the window in your living room, but make sure it’s not exposed to direct light. Another tip is to rotate it every few days, just to make sure that different parts of the plant evenly face the source of sunlight.

Indoor height: Up to 3 meters

11. Elephant Ear (Colocasia Esculenta)

The elephant ear is a tropical plant with large heart-shaped leaves that loves bright and indirect light. For the best indoor care, keep the soil consistently moist and mist the plant to mimic the tropical humidity that it naturally thrives in.

Indoor height: Up to 0.5 meters

Do you have any of the large plants at home that we mentioned above? We’d be happy to hear from you in the comments below!


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