11 Modeling Facts That Show the Catwalk Is Not All Glitz and Glamour

7 months ago

Being a model is much more difficult than wearing great clothes and eating salad. People think the life of these girls is all about glamour. And while that may be true sometimes, we do not always think that the catwalks hide strange things behind the scenes, things that prove the work of a top model is much more than knowing how to walk in high heels.

We’ve already explored the behind-the-scenes of supermodels’ lives, but the modeling world is so ever-changing that it still holds many surprises we didn’t know about.

1. They use cocoa powder instead of shampoo.

Models’ hair is subjected to various treatments, from backcombing or heat styling changes to holding sculptural accessories clinging to their hair. So it’s unsurprising that they try to prevent further damage and dryness, preferring not to wash their hair daily.

Although dry shampoo might seem like a good idea in this situation, some models like Emily Didonato prefer to give their hair a break from chemicals by using cocoa powder. According to her, cocoa is excellent for absorbing oils from dark hair.

2. They have different techniques for blowing their nose.

The flu doesn’t care that it’s Fashion Week, and sometimes it’s inevitable that girls catch it from each other. But a red nose and worn-out makeup is not exactly a synonym for elegance. That’s why, to wipe their noses, models cover their fingers with a handkerchief and insert them directly into the nostrils, blowing gently and without rubbing at the end. It may seem uncomfortable, but this way, no camera will portray the sniffle.

3. They use band-aids to cover their nipples.

Allstar / Graham Whitby Boot / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

The girls sometimes have to wear garments so thin that even the most delicate nipple covers can be seen, or sometimes, the bright lights of the parade make the clothes translucent. To avoid this lousy wardrobe malfunction, they stick band-aids with an “x” along the nipple.

4. Their face is at risk all the time.

Entering the modeling business implies wearing thick makeup, being made up with the same brushes that have already been used on other girls, and sharing mascara. Sometimes, they have to return false eyelashes, so they can be reused. As you may have noticed, this is not the most hygienic working environment, so it seems that after the adrenaline of the runway, they have to cross their fingers not to get a skin infection.

5. They eliminate acne with things they find in the kitchen.

If it can be annoying for us to wake up with a pimple, it is more so for a model, as casting agents, makeup artists, and photographers usually wait for a girl with a face free of imperfections. Therefore, they typically have their beauty tips for maintaining a healthy complexion.

To get rid of the problem quickly, they sometimes resort to methods that will make a dermatologist squirm. For example, Tina Johnson claims that applying vinegar as a face toner, although painful, effectively eliminates acne overnight. On the other hand, Thais Borges dries her pimples instantly by using some cinnamon powder.

6. Posing for photographs can be painful.

Muscle pain is something some models deal with, and it’s not from sporting. Striking strange poses with unnatural contortions or being photographed in a very cold place, where the days usually last nine hours, often takes its toll. “No amount of hot drinks and blankets will loosen up the shoulders, neck, and back the next day,” revealed one girl inside the industry.

7. They apply lip balm on the face.

Although models come up with different ways to take care of their faces, their skin’s glowing, healthy look is not the result of applying expensive products or using pounds of moisturizer. Although it may seem that this famous look we associate models with is natural because we don’t see a single speck of frost, the trick is within anyone’s reach.

According to a runway makeup artist, this look is achieved by applying lip balm to various parts of the face, such as the eyelids, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and top of the mouth.

8. They often do not wear the correct shoe size.

Footwear is a source of stress in modeling. And while it may seem like falls on the runway are caused by odd designs, they often happen because of not wearing the right size. Sometimes, models walk around wearing shoes that fit too big to make their feet appear smaller and to create the illusion of slimmer legs.

At other times, we see them modeling in a smaller shoe size that numbs their feet simply because they do not need the size. Although they sometimes have time to practice their walk in the pair they will be wearing, they are not always given enough time to avoid the famous mid-runway falls.

9. Changing clothes is far from glamorous.

Starface / STARFACE PHOTO / East News

Not all models have a dressing room to change in, as you would expect. Depending on the situation, they may change in the back of a van, in a public restroom, or wait a long time standing until the staff sets up the necessary equipment. Of course, we usually see them looking great in the pics.

10. They travel with more food than clothes.

Models’ diets are essential; they have nothing to do with starving themselves. In fact, during runway prep, they avoid snacking and instead opt to have large, balanced meals that keep their energy up. But, when traveling, it’s hard to find healthy options at the airport, so they often carry their food.

Kelly Gale, who has modeled for Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated, said, “Literally, my suitcase is always at least 50% food and, of the other 50%, at least two-thirds is clothes and workout gear.”

11. Ice is their beauty ally.

Whether it’s dipping their face in ice water or simply rubbing an ice cube over their face, models rely on the cold to deflate their skin. However, there are models like Kylie Vonnahme, for whom dipping her entire body in ice water is best, as she claims it gives her the energy to tackle busy events like Fashion Week. And some claim that these cold baths also help reduce inflammation caused by stress and poor diet.

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