11 Mystery Thrillers for Those Who Are Looking for Something Bone-Chilling

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There are a lot of movies that made quite a commotion when they were released but it eventually turned out that they were duds. Today, we would like to talk about movies like this, only with the absolute opposite effect. We made this list for those who have watched almost everything and who’ve had to spend more time searching for a decent movie than they even spent watching it.

We at Bright Side take full responsibility that there is no average movie on this list. They are all piercing, heartbreaking, and thrilling. These movies will be perfect for a couple or a group of friends to spend evening with no matter their mood. But we would like to warn you, it’ll be really hard to fall asleep after them, because they reveal the darkness of the human soul.

The Colony (Colonia), 2015

IMDb — 7.1

Here we have a movie that’s a French and German production. There are few very strong sides in this movie. First, it’s based on true events. Second, it raises awareness of acute social problems. Third, you will never see Emma Watson as Hermione Granger again. Professional critics did not praise this movie, saying that The Colony did not adhere to one specific genre. Well, in our opinion, this is an advantage.

Department Q: The Keeper of Lost Causes (Kvinden i Buret), 2013

IMDb — 7.2

Two detectives investigate a tricky 5-year-old case, and they find a trace of a maniac killer. It seems that the story is not very original but the implementation of the film unique. This Danish-German movie has amazing acting, a solid vivid storyline, and a dark atmosphere with the support of a wonderful soundtrack.

The Absent One (Fasandræberne), 2014

IMDb — 7.1

This is the sequel of the first Department Q story which is based on the novels with the same name. It was released a year after the first movie (described above). The detectives are still the same and they use the same visual style while the storyline is different and has no connections with the previous movie.

The Invisible Guest (Contratiempo), 2016

IMDb — 8.1

Blockbusters are Hollywood’s trademark, France is known for comedies, while Spain leads in mystery thrillers. You can get yourself acquainted with this genre starting with The Invisible Guest, starring hot Mario Casas. There are no artificial dialogues or clichés and the ending so strong that you will want to watch the movie again from the very beginning.

Department Q: A Conspiracy of Faith (Flaskepost fra P), 2016

IMDb — 7.0

This is the third movie about police inspector Carl Mørck and his assistant, Assad. The movie shows the difficult routine of Department Q again, which is in charge of cold cases. This time, the story is about child abduction where religious cults and a serial killer are involved. The fans of Scandinavian noir can’t wait to see the new sequel of the story Journal 64 which is supposed to be released in 2018.

At the End of the Tunnel (Al Final del Túnel), 2016

IMDb — 7.1

Let’s get back to Spanish thrillers. This ambient, unpredictable, and engaging movie of Argentinian-Spanish production tells us about a disabled man in a wheelchair who manages to outwit a criminal gang. You will find excellent acting and a well-thought-out storyline which will keep you thrilled until the very end. It also includes a refined love story, that is like the cherry on top.

The Gift, 2015

IMDb — 7.1

This is the first American thriller on our list and it was added due to its original plot. This psychological thriller will show no murders, no chases, there is almost no action there, and still it maintains emotional tension until the very end. Its open ending leaves its spectators alarmed, making them reconsider their feelings about the characters.

The Body (El Cuerpo), 2012

IMDb — 7.6

Another Spanish thriller that will catch your attention. A dark, realistic atmosphere, a dramatic story, and a breath-taking ending will make you feel like a child deceived by a magician. The Body is perfect for those who were impressed by The Invisible Guest.

Wind River, 2017

IMDb — 7.8

Another American movie and another unusual performance. The storyline almost lacks any intrigue but the film attracts attention with its aesthetics. This impressive movie raises important questions where each dialogue and each scene are golden. Like the other films on this list, this one doesn’t try to entertain the spectator but rather brings emotions to the surface. Special thanks to the actors and cameramen who managed to convey this atmosphere.

Nocturnal Animals, 2016

IMDb — 7.5

The lack of twists and turns in the storyline of this movie is replaced with stylish imagery, a multitude of metaphors, and hard psychological pressure which will not let the spectator relax. The real jewel in the brilliant casting became Aaron Taylor-Johnson acting as a terrible Texas villain who was so convincing in his part so that you begin to hate him from the first seconds of the movie.

Brimstone, 2016

IMDb — 7.1

The last but not the least is this Dutch movie. This epic thriller against the backdrop of Wild West with a dark atmosphere watches in what feels like one breath. The powerful trio of actors — Dakota Fanning, Kit Harington, and Guy Pearce — did their best to make this movie outstanding.

Share your opinions in the comments below. Which movie do you think is missing on this list?

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