11 Ordinary Things That Can Unexpectedly Ruin Your Vacation Abroad

4 years ago

On our planet, there are a lot of places with weird laws, like where even a simple whistle can lead to a fine, or going on a morning run or wearing a yellow T-shirt can get you arrested.

Bright Side wants to warn everyone who is planning a trip abroad of some little-known laws in other countries - even though some of them may seem odd. Learn how to avoid getting into trouble in any foreign country so that you can have a great vacation.

1. Burundi - No morning jogs

Daily morning runs can help you get in shape quickly but in this African country, they will only get you arrested. In Burundi, a jog is considered to be an act of war, which is why the president of the country officially prohibited morning jogs to stop conflicts between the ethnic groups in Burundi.

2. Malaysia - Don't wear yellow.

If you are going to Malaysia, you should consider excluding all the yellow pieces of clothing that you have. The Malaysian government made a law which prohibits wearing yellow T-shirts. In this southern country, the yellow color is a symbol of protest. Any person wearing this color can be arrested and taken into custody.

3. Barbados - Don't blend in with the environment.

In order to avoid conflict with the local police in Barbados, you should leave all things containing military style at home. Only the real military men can wear such clothing. These clothes are prohibited in Barbados, Jamaica, Grenada, Dominica, and St. Lucia. The prohibition includes clothing, backpacks, wallets, and all other khaki-colored things.

4. Thailand - Don't drive a car without clothes on.

No matter how hot it is in Thailand, you can't wear merely a swimsuit when driving a car. You have to wear a T-shirt or some type of cover. This rule works for drivers and for passengers. In order not to be fined, check if your air conditioner works.

5. Italy - Don't wear flip-flops.

On the Italian island of Capri, it is prohibited to wear flip-flops or sandals. Beach shoes are illegal because they make too much noise and distract other people.

6. Columbia - Don't use Uber services.

In Colombia, it is prohibited to use the services of non-official taxi drivers including the Uber application. To make other people believe that you haven't taken a non-official taxi, always sit in the front seat next to the driver. Don't sit in the backseat, otherwise, you might be stopped by the police. You may just pay a fine of $39, but your driver might actually lose their car.

7. Canada - You can't whistle.

You can get a 250 Canadian-dollar fine if you whistle in Petrolia, Ontario. This is their way of protecting themselves from bad noise.

8. Italy - Sand castles are not allowed.

The mayor of Eraclea, a town near Venice, prohibited building sand castles and playing with a ball so that everyone could just enjoy their sunbaths and hear the sounds of the sea.

9. Saudi Arabia - Don't leave men unattanded.

In the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, men older than 16 years of age are not allowed to visit big supermarkets. This rule is to protect the moral values of women.

10. The United Arab Emirates - No selfies allowed

There are a lot of very strong prohibitions in Muslim countries. It is always prohibited to take pictures of local people. And on some beaches of Dubai, you can't take pictures of yourself or of your relatives.

11. Kenya - No plastic bags allowed

In Kenya, it is prohibited to use plastic bags. If any plastic bags are found in your possession, the maximum fine can be $38,000.

Are you or any of your friends planning a trip abroad anytime soon? You should know things about the laws and cultures of other countries beforehand. Share your traveling stories with us in the comment section below! Tell us about the things that amazed you the most!

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