11 Work Surprises That Made Employees Raise Eyebrows Higher Than Their Paychecks

3 weeks ago

Work is a big part of our lives, and we all hope things go smoothly there. But the truth is, stuff happens. Sometimes, employers don’t give workers the bonus they promised, or ask them to do extra work for someone else without much notice. It’s frustrating, but it’s part of the deal at times.

  • “I work 40 hours Monday to Friday, and overtime isn’t compensated at my company. He suggested I work fewer hours during the week to spend 3 hours at an event he rented, several cities away. I told him I couldn’t commit right away. He responded that I shouldn’t have to think about it since he would drive me (I usually ride the bus, making Saturday travel difficult and unpaid).
    I mentioned I have a life outside of work, and he sarcastically replied, ’Yeah, you have SUCH an interesting life.’ Then he walked away. He’s expecting me to work that Saturday, but I feel disrespected and won’t be coming in.” glassesandbodylotion / Reddit
  • “I recently joined a medical practice with aspirations in the field, quickly mastering tasks and enhancing department efficiency. However, the doctor, despite his clinical prowess, exhibited narcissistic traits, providing no benefits, nitpicking every detail, and dismissing constructive criticism.
    I found a better opportunity elsewhere, but upon resigning, faced resistance and a sudden demand to complete a week’s work in two days, with a threat to sabotage my new job. Frustrated, I plan to finish the tasks to avoid conflict but seek a way to convey my disdain without jeopardizing future prospects.” JKTurtleSwag / Reddit
  • “My boss denied my vacation request for my upcoming trip to Europe, insisting I can only take 5 business days off, citing fairness to other employees. However, no one else in the office had an issue with my planned time off, and the office is fully staffed during the slow season. Despite explaining this, my boss remained adamant, causing frustration as I can’t afford to quit. It’s baffling how a week and some change of leave could significantly impact my job when others have taken similar time off without issue.” EconomistOtherwise51 / Reddit
  • “I quit my job yesterday because my boss lied about my shift ending and freaked out when I called her out. When I checked my schedule and saw no changes, I told her she needed to inform me 24 hours in advance. She followed me, screaming my name, grabbed my backpack, ignored my request for personal space, and threatened I wouldn’t be compensated. She even blocked the door, yelling, ’This isn’t over!’ before letting me leave. I reported the incident to the owner, who dismissed it and suggested a meeting, so I quit instead.” TalesofOdysseus / Reddit
  • “I work in Environmental Services at a hospital, and my boss’s behavior is unacceptable. He got angry because I left my coffee cup on a shelf and pushed my cleaning cart outside in freezing weather, by the flagpole, in the snow. He even wrote something humiliating on my cup with a sharpie. I’m paid $22 an hour for this job, but it’s not worth the disrespect. I’ve started looking for new job opportunities today.” Odd_Shallot1929 / Reddit
  • “As a director at my organization, I’m constantly juggling multiple projects and supporting my team members. However, today, the CEO expressed disbelief in my workload and questioned my impact on the organization. This came as a shock, considering my dedication and commitment to my role.
    Despite feeling hurt, I outlined my projects without throwing my colleagues under the bus. Moving forward, I’m considering how to address this perception while maintaining professionalism and advocating for myself. It’s disheartening, but I’m determined to navigate this situation constructively.” Cody9999999999 / Reddit

“Boss wrote ‘thief’ on my check.”

“I filed a wage theft report against my former employer and was informed he only paid 80% of what was owed. Despite feeling frustrated, I accepted it. However, when I collected the check from the Department of Labor, ’THIEF’ was boldly written on the subject line, which was incredibly awkward, unfair, and embarrassing, especially in front of others.”

  • “After nearly a year at this restaurant, I was fed up with its toxic, misogynistic environment. Today, while planning to submit a job application elsewhere, my boss found it in my purse, leading to a confrontation where I was promptly fired for expressing my discontent. Feeling violated and angry, I wonder about the legality of his actions and if there’s any recourse, especially since I had never been formally reprimanded before.” bluebrindleivy / Reddit
  • “Today, my boss relayed through my line manager a new requirement: I must constantly update my office calendar with my whereabouts because ’my boss needs to know where I am.’ As someone with a desk job rarely stepping away, except for lunch or quick breaks, this feels like excessive micromanagement. I’ve never misused my lunch breaks or been away from my desk for long periods, so it’s bewildering to suddenly face this level of scrutiny and lack of trust.” ReceptionDeskReader / Reddit
  • “Working at a restaurant can be tough, but it’s conveniently located for me since I don’t drive yet. Despite the challenges, there are moments when it’s enjoyable, especially when someone brings in pastries like they did today. However, when I tried to grab a quick muffin during my shift, my usually nice boss, though typically focused on work, snapped and threw it away, stressing the importance of staying on task. It’s frustrating because it would have only taken me a few seconds to finish it.” Unknown author / Reddit

“My boss actually wrote this on my last check.”

The check reads:
“Didn’t give 2 weeks notice, very inconsiderate, quit for no reason
Vegan who likes cancer, not meat
Got free rides to work for 5 months, self-centered, never amount to anything!”

What’s the most unforgettable tale you’ve experienced at work? We’re eager to hear about those standout moments that have left a lasting impression on you. And hey, before you wrap things up, why not take a peek at another article we’ve put together? It’s packed with 10 exhilarating stories that are bound to give you a thrill.

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