12 Beauty Secrets of Korean Women That Can Keep You From Aging Too Fast

The secret to the glowing, eternally youthful skin of Korean women has long fascinated women all over the world. And although the market today is full of different beauty products from the Land of the Morning Calm, some of the Korean beauty secrets still remain unknown.

At Bright Side, we tried to figure out the peculiarities of daily Korean skincare. As it turns out, there are a few unusual beauty rules and life hacks hiding behind the perfectly clean and smooth skin of Korean women.

They make rice masks.

Fair skin has long been a sign of belonging to the upper class for Korean women because those of lower classes had to work under the scorching sun. Over time, the skin of such women acquired a pronounced darker shade, which they tried to get rid of in all ways possible. Perhaps that’s why they invented a rice and oil mask in Korea that is applied not only to the face, but also to the whole body.

They practice mouth stretches.

Korean women invented a very original way to get rid of wrinkles, improve blood circulation, and even brighten skin tone. Local beauties are sure that if you say “A-E-I-O-U” in an exaggerated way, several times a day, these 3 problems will be solved in no time.

They use hydrophilic oil instead of micellar water.

Cleansing oils got their name for a reason: with their help, you can remove impurities that even micellar water can’t get rid of. However, there is one rule you have to follow to get the desired result. You need to use this oil 2-3 times a week.

They put beauty products into the fridge before using them.

In order to prevent wrinkles from appearing and to cool the skin down, Korean women put masks and creams into the refrigerator for a while. In addition, when using a skincare product, they try not to rub it in, but rather, to apply it to the skin with gentle tapping.

They use facial toners.

Dorama fans may have noticed an interesting life hack on their favorite TV shows: sometimes Korean women use ordinary cotton discs instead of sheet masks. Indeed, in order to maximize the properties of moisturizing toners, you can soak cotton discs in them and use them as a substitute for professional products.

They wash up with rice water.

Sometimes unusual products help to maintain beauty. Inventive Korean women came up with a way to use the water left after cooking rice for cosmetic purposes. It’s believed that washing up with rice water rejuvenates and mattifies the skin as well as increases its resistance to harmful solar radiation.

They use beauty products containing snail mucin.

Mucin, or snail mucus, is an important youth-preserving aid for Korean women. It improves the complexion, fights pigmentation, and increases collagen levels. Mucin-based products are also good moisturizers, and their restorative properties are legendary even outside Korea.

They use tints, not lipstick.

It’s hard to imagine a Korean beauty who doesn’t use lip tints that are popular in their country. They are believed to be easier to apply and longer-lasting on the lips compared to general lipstick. In addition, tints let you create gradients and require fewer touch-ups.

They add oil to their foundation.

Korean women found a solution to the problem of dry skin too. Instead of spending money on expensive professional products, they simply add a drop of their favorite face oil or serum to their foundation.

They always carry sunscreen and a bottle of thermal water with them.

An important item in the purse of any modern Korean woman is sunscreen. They begin to use the product as early as childhood, adding thermal water to their regular skincare routine a bit later. And if sunscreen helps to keep the skin white, the thermal water moisturizes it and helps to keep the makeup fresh.

They do facial massages every day.

The act of massage is an important tool for keeping the skin younger for longer. One of the simplest ways is by rubbing the face with a washcloth dipped in hot water. Circular motions help to maintain the elasticity of the skin until very old age.

They use the 424 system.

Asian women have an easy life hack that turns them into real beauties. Women wash their faces for 10 minutes according to the 424 system, which replaces a whole range of our daily bathroom procedures. During the first 4 minutes, they remove the remnants of makeup with oil, wash their faces with foam for 2 minutes, and take a small contrast shower for the face and neck area for another 4 minutes.

It’s also recommended to use a moisturizing toner or face toner to consolidate the effect. There is also a small condition here: the toner must be applied no later than 4 seconds after taking a contrast shower.

What beauty rules or life hacks do you use on a daily basis? Tell us in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


tints are nice but they are so hard to wear - the lips get dried out and start hurting

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