12 Stories About People That Did Something Really Silly

3 years ago

We all do strange things sometimes, and our brains sometimes make us feel really embarrassed. But there are some people that gave their brains a rest, resulting in stories the entire internet deserves to know.

We at Bright Side have been in similar situations, too, so we were really happy to find out we’re not alone.

  • My friend is a med student. His aunt recently contacted him via WhatsApp for a free recommendation: her husband is paralyzed, the neurosurgeons said something about it, but she wanted another opinion. My friend honestly told her he couldn’t help. And the aunt went berserk, “This is insane: you’ve spent so many years studying and you don’t know anything. What did you spend 10 years of your life on?” Well, my friend is going to be an infectious disease specialist and the aunt knows that. © ArdanChase / Pikabu

  • There was a high shelf in my parents’ apartment. We kept onions there. When I was in the kitchen, I often heard some noise from up there. I was little at the time and I thought it was a boogieman. I was happy and decided to bring him gifts: a piece of cheese, grapes, bread, and stuff like that. So the next day, I took a chair and decided to check what was up there but none of the things I left were still there. I couldn’t believe my eyes until I saw a huge mouse that had gotten so fat because of the food I brought it, that it couldn’t even run away. © ****elnica / Pikabu

  • I work in IT support. A client called today and asked me to look at her computer remotely. She showed me, “Look here, I launch this program, and this is not my data! My data is gone! And everything looks wrong! PLEASE HELP AND GET IT ALL BACK!” I ask her, “Maybe, you’re on a different account?” She paused for a second and then said, “And what’s the difference?” © bPrawn / Pikabu

  • I worked in support. Some lady called us and said we were liars and that her internet connection hadn’t worked on her phone the whole day. When I asked her to reboot the router, she said, “Lady, are you crazy? How can I reboot the router if it’s at home and I’m out of town?” © unknown author / Bash

  • My colleague asked me where they hide ducks for the wintertime. When I tried to tell him something, he said, “Please, don’t tell me stories about them flying to Africa, okay?” © PJA / Bash

  • The stupidest thing I’ve ever seen is when a guy took a lock key, put it on the lock ring, and closed it saying, “I don’t want to lose it.” © unknown author / Bash

  • I saw a candidate’s resume and said, “Oh, let’s hire her. We’ll have at least one attractive girl here!” I was in a room full of female HR employees and lawyers from our company. © Frank / Bash

  • My uncle often went to his grandparents in the summer when he was a child. They had a small lamb there. My uncle loved playing with it: he’d run away from the lamb and it would chase him. The next summer, my uncle went there again. The lamb grew up, but my uncle didn’t get any smarter... © unknown author / Bash

  • I had to explain to a girl why you couldn’t grow your hair down in front of your face and just cut out eye holes. Even after explaining it to her she couldn’t grasp the concept, and brushed me off as being “too smart.” © Beef_Jumps / Reddit

  • A girl in one of my college classes argued that heart transplants shouldn’t be allowed because “that’s where the feelings are” and the person receiving the heart wouldn’t be the same person anymore. © HermanManly / Reddit

  • I had a situation when I went to school. My classmate said that someone had stolen her phone. 30 minutes later, her mother arrived and started yelling at us. She said that nobody would be able to leave until we told the truth. They let us go but told us we’d have to deal with the police. The next morning, we realized that the girl had just forgotten her phone at home. © “Podslushano” / Ideer

Have you witnessed anything really silly lately?


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not lately, but yrs ago my mum had the most stupidest logic ever. I had to clean my house that I was renting coz i had to leave. I got her to come over to help me. a few times she told me to do something and while I was doing what she told me to do, she told me to go and so something else that needed to be done. And every time she said it, I told her I can't do it because u told me to do this


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