12 Tips for Posing on the Beach That Can Make You a Social Media Star (Kim Kardashian Uses Them Too)

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9 months ago

In the modern world, you haven’t been on vacation if you haven’t trashed your feed with beautiful vacation photos. However, when we look through the thousands of photos on our phones, we only find a couple of good shots. Now is the time to figure out how to look good in summer photos that could be really popular on Instagram.

Bright Side has prepared some simple tips for posing that will make sure you have a lot of great photos after your vacation.


When you are taking a photo with a raft or a float, don’t put it in front of you in the photo — this huge object visually cuts the body in half. Instead place it on the side — this will help you hide certain body parts and make your waist look thinner.


When you pose near a swimming pool, avoid straight lines. Remember, that placing your legs together is a bad idea. It’s better to lift up the leg that is further from the camera. Also, don’t forget to arch your back. This way, your waist will appear thinner.


When someone is taking a photo of your entire body, avoid the “soldier” position. When you are standing straight, facing the camera, the body loses its beautiful curves and looks flat. If you stand half-turned, your body looks more feminine. You can touch your hair or lean on something to keep your hands busy.


Don’t forget to use accessories. You can correct any body shape issues this way and focus the attention on certain body parts. For example, if you have a little belly, tie a pareo around your hips. This will make you look thinner. Also remember that if you are wearing a pareo you should face the camera, otherwise your buttocks will look flat.


If you want to take a picture lying on a deck chair, don’t face the camera, this an angle deforms the body. It makes the upper part look too clunky, and the legs look too short. It’s better to turn the deck chair so that your legs are in the front which will make them appear longer. Don’t forget to arch your back, only touching the surface of the chair with your head, buttocks, and shoulders. Bend the leg closest to the camera, at the knee.


Don’t pose half-lying down — unattractive wrinkles might appear on your belly, waist, and arms. In order to make your body look toned, use this little trick: lie on your back and stretch your body as if you were doing pull-ups.


Always watch your posture, because a crooked back can spoil even the best shot. In order to highlight the femininity of your body and its beautiful curves, stand on your tiptoes. Your butt will look more toned and your legs will appear more fit.


When you are posing in a sitting position, make sure your knees never face the camera directly — they will appear more massive than they really are. It’s better to sit sideways and lift your legs a little bit to make the hips look more toned.


If your abs are not perfect, this trick will always help you hide it. Get in waist-deep water, which will highlight your beautiful cleavage instead of your problem areas. Also, make sure that your neck is as long as possible and that you never put your chin on your shoulder: your face will appear bigger and your neck — smaller and thicker.


When someone is taking a portrait of you, make sure they are not standing above you. This way, you could look as if you were offended and your neck will disappear too. Ask the photographer to sit down and take the picture so they are at the same level as you. Turn your face toward the camera and lift your shoulders a little. You will highlight your long, thin neck and elegant collar bones.


On magazine covers, girls with wet hair always look hot and sexy. But this is mostly thanks to Photoshop and professional photography. In reality, wet hair looks oily and your ears might look pointy. So, take pictures only when your hair is damp and not quite dry — this will give it more volume.


In order to look great in photos, you should remember the rules of asymmetry. For example, bend your leg and the opposite arm. Asymmetric lines make the photo more lively and natural, and if you stand facing forward, your body will look bigger.

What tricks do you use to look great on photos? Share them in the comment section below!


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I'm definitely trying out these poses on the beach. Wouldn't you?


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