12 Weird Stories That Happened to People in Hotels

3 months ago

A hotel job can be funny enough due to a lot of peculiar stories happening there. The housekeepers were asked about the weirdest things they’ve seen while working at a hotel. From mysterious guests to strange findings, people shared their oddest encounters. Read and share your own stories too.

1. ’Orange’ bed.

2. Surprise surprise!

3. Sleepy housekeeper.

4. ’Honeymoon’ suite.

Maybe they were on their honeymoon. Luckily, you didn't get a couple of moons, honey.


5. Uninvited guest.

6. A lonely egg.

7. Bad sauce.

8. A small guest.

9. Rich people stuff.

10. When the bed is not comfortable enough.

11. Magic tub.

12. Cards.

Seas and oceans hold immense mysteries and treasures beyond human imagination. Seasoned sailors also can share their strangest and most supernatural encounters while being at work leaving some people horrified.

Preview photo credit CoolBeansMan9 / Reddit


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