13 Magnificent Photos That Probably Were Taken in Another Reality

4 years ago

We’re used to following certain rules and templates, which is why unusual things can really surprise us. For example, a moss-covered boot or a chair that was painted by an artist can unexpectedly catch our attention. We’ve collected these things and more to show you that the world is bright and diverse enough to still excite us every day.

Bright Side has collected the most awesome photos that will make you smile and even exclaim, “Wow!”

Snow in a cabbage field

1 detail changes everything.

1 hour of snow in Illinois

This moss-covered boot found in the woods

Soap bubbles photographed with a flash

Interesting design

Schwarzenegger would envy this kitty’s muscles.

Fixing a Ferrari F50

Brilliant work

When you come to Australia:

“I microwaved the rice instead of cooking it traditionally and they stood up like little soldiers.”

City lights through the dense fog in Nagano, Japan

When there’s something wrong with your drink:

Which photo surprised you the most? Do you have any pictures to share with us?

Preview photo credit nebman22 / reddit


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