13 Pairs of Actors and Actresses Who Played Parents and Kids Despite Their Small Age Gap

2 years ago

Experienced actors and actresses don’t find it difficult to play a character of any age and movie producers and directors know this and use it to their advantage. All because the presence of a talented celebrity in a project is much more important than a precise match with the plot. But these nuances are hard to hide from the eyes of attentive viewers when actors of the same age play the roles of parents and kids.

We at Bright Side watched many movies and TV series where the on-screen parent-kid pairings had an unnatural age difference. Some of these cases left us completely perplexed.

Nicole Kidman and Jason Momoa — Aquaman

Glenn Close and Robin Williams —The World According to Garp

Drew Barrymore and Adam Garcia — Riding in Cars with Boys

John Noble and Sean Bean — The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Director’s Cut)

Sean Connery and Harrison Ford — Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jensen Ackles — Supernatural

Reese Witherspoon and Adam Sandler — Little Nicky

Julia Roberts and Ryan Reynolds — Fireflies in the Garden

Frances Fisher and Julianne Moore — Laws of Attraction

Felicity Jones and Cailee Spaeny — On the Basis of Sex

Ray Liotta and Johnny Depp — Blow

Kate Winslet and Evan Rachel Wood — Mildred Pierce

Glenn Close and Mel Gibson — Hamlet

What other movies where on-screen parents and kids have an unusual difference in age are you aware of?

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