13 People Admit What They’d Change About Their Looks, and Our Retouchers Made It Happen

4 years ago

Perhaps all of us have wanted to change something about our appearance or at least have thought about it. With the help of modern technology, we can see ourselves with different hair colors or other hairstyles that we’d feel too scared to try in real life. Things like differently shaped lips, noses and even a different eye color can be really tempting. We decided to hold a curious experiment and asked retouchers to do some magic on the appearance of the bravest people who accepted the challenge and agreed to take part in the project.

Several Bright Side employees couldn’t resist the temptation and got involved in the project!


“I’ve always wanted to have blue eyes. I also think that my face has a square shape, I wish it could be sharper and slimmer.”


“I want to see myself with red hair, blue eyes, and smaller cheeks.”


“I’ve always wished for a more narrow nose, green eyes and very fair, even skin.”


“I would like to see myself with blue eyes.”


“I wish my skin was flawless and pure, my nose was straight (I have a little hump on it and it is crooked), my lips were plumper, my hair was more voluminous and thick, and my cheeks were smaller. I also asked the retoucher to remove my eyelids that hang above my eyes too much.”


“I don’t want to change anything about myself now. However, as a teenager, I wished I had a smaller and thinner nose and more vivid cheekbones. I wonder how I would look.”


“I wonder how I would look with darker and shorter hair, blue eyes and flawless skin. I also asked the Photoshoppers to make my nose more narrow and to reduce its tip.”


“I wish I were slimmer. I also would want to bring back my voluminous hair and shining eyes.”


“I wish the tip of my nose was smaller and the hump wasn’t there. I also would like to make my lips a bit bigger.”


“I wish I had plumper lips, a thinner nose, higher brows, and a longer face (now it’s too square).”


“I’d like to remove a slightly noticeable wrinkle on my forehead and make my upper lip bigger. I’m also curious to see myself with dark hair and blue eyes.”


“I wish I had a slimmer face, a longer beard and green eyes.”


“I wish I had a thinner nose, plumper lips, a narrower chin, and more vivid cheekbones.”

Is there something you would like to change about your appearance? Or are you the kind of person who accepts yourself the way you are? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!


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As a teenager I was shy, because I thought my nose was ugly (I have a crooked nice). But now I don't care anymore. I learnt how to love myself, and this nose adds some charm :)


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