13 People Who Prove Why Giving Up Is Never an Option

2 years ago

Being an ugly duckling when you’re young doesn’t define who you will become as an adult. There are people who know giving up is not an option and the process is very rewarding. They either lost weight, overcame depression, improved their beauty routine and social skills, or became their better selves.

Bright Side is amazed and inspired by these stories and found 13 people who decided not to ever give up on themselves.

1. “Middle school was a rough time. Luckily the lack of attention from boys helped me focus on school!”

2. An 11-year transformation — left: age 13, right: age 34

3. “Grew up fat and decided to finally do something about it 3 years ago.”

4. “Took about a year — I’m now trying to put on muscle.”

5. 4 years of development

6. “It took 4.5 years on and off to see changes but they were achieved.”

7. “Even my family doesn’t recognize me these days. It’s nice.”

8. “My face was always red, I was angry at my dad, and was ready to die for punk rock. Now my skin is healthier and I love my dad.”

9. “I started because I thought I loved a girl but found out I loved myself instead.”

10. “I came across this old video of me. I never realized I was as big as I was.”

14. “13 vs 24, I looked like a brown Peter Griffin.”

11. “Lost 110 lb in 18 months after a rugby injury, started rowing for my university, and got my MSc in mathematics.”

12. “I’d like to think the past 9 years have been kind to me.”

13. The difference of 4 years and 6 years sober

Are you also a fighter who went through amazing changes? Show us your process!

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