13 Simple Changes You Can Make to Look Better

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2 years ago

We all have that one acquaintance who is perfectly turned out for every occasion. Some people do have impeccable style, but it’s not their body shape or their size that matters. It’s the little things they do to make their clothes fit better. Like making sure to brighten a pastel or dull outfit with a bright-colored accent. Or getting everything fitted perfectly.

We at Bright Side searched for some tips and tricks for you so that you can always look your best. So here go 13 simple changes you can make to your wardrobe today.

1. Dress according to your age.

What looks good on you changes as you age. The crop tops and spaghetti straps that looked great in your teens and your 20s don’t carry over that well into your 40s, for example. It’s not about covering up, it’s simply about enhancing your best features.

While a strapless tube dress in yellow worked for Chrissy Teigen a decade back, she now dresses in a lacy, feathery gown that looks gorgeous on her.

2. Size-up to avoid muffin tops and waist rolls.

muffin top is what happens when your waistband is too tight, and any fat on the waist spills out over and above the belt. It can ruin even the best outfit. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Irrespective of that, it’s always better to size up or down to fit your waistline.

This holds true for men and women as well. The waistband should sit comfortably on your skin and not dig in or cause any bulges. Wearing a top that is too tight can also accentuate any spillovers. You can also choose to go with a higher waisted outfit to look great if your waist bulges disturb you.

3. The wrong bra under the wrong outfit.

It’s perfectly fine to wear an outfit that shows off your bra at the beach, or if you are a celebrity making a fashion statement on the red carpet. But ordinarily, for work or day-to-day life, a bra and other undergarments are there to provide support and maintain hygiene.

Remember to make sure your underwear and bra fit you well. Straps that are too tight or too loose, or underwear that gathers at the crotch can ruin an outfit and make you uncomfortable.

4. Pointy-toe heels are bad for your feet and fashion.

Our feet do not point in the middle — so the entire purpose of very pointy shoes, or heels, is nothing but style. And it may work at a red carpet premiere but when it comes to daily work and personal life, wearing overtly stylish shoes can be a pain, literally. Plus it can cause a lot of harm to your feet.

Wear heels and shoes but before you buy any, make sure they fit well and are truly comfortable to be in. A gently rounded toe and heels that adhere to the shape of your foot are best.

5. The wrong kind of belt can play down an outfit.

A thin classic belt works for the office, for both men and women. These are likely to be 1-1.5 inches thick, usually leather, and have a subtle gold or silver buckle. For women, they can be metallic or match the color of the outfit.

The studded, thicker, jazzier belts work for weekends and parties. Also, don’t try too hard to add contrast with a belt. A black belt on a black dress works, but a bright yellow one is an overkill.

6. Too many prints together only look good on the catwalk.

There’s a reason why haute couture is usually seen only on catwalks and on the red carpet. Quirky, wacky fashion does not make for normal wear, and also, not all of us are reed-thin towering models, who can rock just about any piece of clothing.

Use a print like an accent. A printed jacket over a plain ensemble, a printed blouse underneath a pant or skirt suit, or just a single-print dress. For men, when it comes to work, acceptable prints include stripes, checks, and sometimes, polka dots. Everything else is for the weekend.

Here Diane Kruger’s outfit on the left may be high fashion but it looks jarring, especially with the boots. Her printed dress on the right is a more put-together look.

7. Add a bright accent to a monochromatic or pastel outfit.

Working in an office demands that you dress subtly. And pastels and nudes are in vogue, but wearing too much of one color in one outfit can make you appear a bit dull. Accentuate with a bright color closer to your face. A bright scarf, a shirt, or a blouse, can make all the difference to a monochromatic outfit.

In the picture above, Kate Hudson’s all-nude pantsuit is pretty, but it’s Cate Blanchett’s jacket and red lips that look more vivid.

8. Dark lips or dark eyes. Never both.

Makeup is more of an art but with a very strong principle. You can do what you like at parties and such, but when it comes to work or just normal day makeup, you should accentuate only one thing.

If you are going with bright or dark lipstick, keep the eyes and the cheeks light. If it’s the eyes you want to highlight, wear a pastel or nude shade on your lips. With makeup, remember, less is always more.

9. Drop the mismatched socks and kitschy neckties.

Dinosaur ties may have looked good on Ross, in the hit sitcom Friends but in real life, they jar the senses. As do colorful, mismatched socks. Show off your wacky nature in casual settings, and for work, stick to the tried and tested stuff.

Paisleys, stripes, checks, and dots work for neckties. Keep the socks plain and matching the pants or the shoes. Play around with patterns on the weekend, of course. And remember, keep the knots simple and medium in size, for formal occasions.

10. Always wear the right fabric for the weather.

It’s an evening out and you have a dress you really want to wear. Only, it’s zero degrees outside and the dress is made of lace. You’ll just have to wait for the weather to get warmer though.

Your fabrics have to match the weather. No wool, knits, or terrycloth for the summers, and no cotton, silk, or lace for the winters. While Phoebe wore a wedding dress in the snow, remember Monica and Rachel donned jackets as bridesmaids, in Friends.

11. Use ripped or chemically treated fabric only as a single accent.

We all love a good punk rock jacket. Or a pair of jeans with more holes than just the required 3. While it’s good to wear one accent piece that’s ripped, studded, or otherwise chemically treated, don’t make a whole outfit out of it. Unless you’re going to a costume party.

12. Even if you buy off the rack, get everything fitted.

An ill-fitting piece of clothing, no matter how expensive or well-made it is, will not make you look good. Make sure to get everything fitted to your body even if you are buying clothes off the rack. This holds true for men with formal suits, blazers, and jackets, and for women too, be it pantsuits or dresses.

A cheaper ensemble that fits well is likely to look better than an ill-fitting one from Armani or Gucci.

13. Make sure your sleeves stop at the wrist.

Sleeves that go beyond your wrist look good for beachwear or as a bohemian dress. The same goes for drawstring pants with the string out. For formal wear, it’s best that the sleeves stop at the wrist. For formals, waistlines should be neat, with buttons and zips, and no strings.

Everything billowy and that has a drawstring is for casual days only.

Have you ever faced any such issues with clothes that irritated you? What would you add to this list of better dressing tips?


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