13-Year-Old Bodybuilding Phenomenon Is Sparking Heated Controversy Across Social Media

8 months ago

A debate is stirring on the Internet as a 13-year-old bodybuilder, Eric English, is drawing comparisons to the iconic character Hulk. Managed by his parents, Eric’s vibrant Instagram account shows his workout regimen and highlights his remarkable physical skills.

Meet Eric English.

A 13-year-old home-based bodybuilder, incapable of gym membership due to his age, is generating a buzz online. Eric English has gained a significant social media following, along with various sponsorship agreements. His personal website showcases his successful fitness program, attracting numerous gym enthusiasts.

Renowned for his Hulk-like physique, Eric’s Instagram presence boasts over 600,000 followers, captivated by his impressive fitness demonstrations and well-toned physique. After discovering his passion for fitness through a YouTube push-up challenge video, he has been diligently training for over eighteen months, drawing inspiration from fitness icons Alex Eubank and David Laid.

Eric’s father, Christopher, shared that he is immensely proud of his son’s consistent efforts and dedication in shaping a highly masculine physique. He also believes that his journey can inspire many youths to prioritize physical activity in a world dominated by electronic gadgets.

His everyday routine

In his personal home gym, Eric, limited by his age, regularly exercises five days a week. Through persistent effort, he has reached a milestone, now capable of lifting over 100lbs with his upper body. His journey is notably fueled by the emotional transition from his hometown, Fredericton, Canada, to the USA, prompted by family health concerns, which resulted in his separation from his older siblings.

Confident in his physique, the young bodybuilder is proud of his lean build, often hidden under shirts and hoodies, prompting astonishment when he reveals his muscles. He shared, “I currently work out five days a week at home with my own equipment or right outside my house for cardio as I don’t have gym access at the moment.” For him, the most rewarding aspect of sharing his life is witnessing his followers’ progress and receiving their gratitude for being a source of inspiration.

The dark side of social media

But not everything is rainbows and butterflies to Eric. He remembers one specific moment where he got scared by a fan extreme reaction. One boy accused Eric of stealing his girlfriend, insulting him and attributing their breakup to her falling in love with his online presence. He is now aware that social media tends to amplify fan reactions, particularly among the younger audience.

Eric also often receives negative comments on his Instagram posts. “This is not healthy and/or safe to do at this age,” one person said. While others backed-up this point of view, “Doesn’t seem healthy for a little kid to be worried about gains and their physique.”

What specialists have to say.

Dr. Alfred Atanda, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, believes that cardio knows no age limits. He further adds that body weight exercises such as planks, push-ups, and sit-ups are suitable for all ages, provided the child has an interest in them.

Dr. Atanda highlights that lifting heavier weights should be left to teenagers, as younger children possess more delicate bones and are at a higher risk of injury. Dr. Mark Mandel, a pediatrician, underlines that children as young as 7 or 8 can reap the benefits of structured exercise, provided the focus is not solely on weight loss or achieving a particular body image.

In terms of safety, ensuring supervision during your child’s workout is crucial. “The old warning about not letting physically immature adolescents do [any] strength training has fallen by the wayside,” adds Dr. Mandel.

Preview photo credit ericthgt / Instagram


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