10+ Adorable Photos Proving That Puppies Grow Up Way Too Fast

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Many of us make the wonderful decision of taking a puppy home. But they grow up so fast that small and medium-sized dogs can reach 99% of their adult weight in 9 to 10 months and large dogs in 11 to 15 months. In spite of that, we love them more and more every day because their loyalty is priceless.

Bright Side found 14 photos that show how fast puppies grow up.

1. Big or small, they stay babies to us.

2. The puppy grew up but still thinks it’s small.

3. “Look how big I’ve grown since my first Insta post!”

4. “13 months of hard work growing into my paws.”

5. Just 4 months have passed but a lot has changed.

6. “I was just 9 lb but my dad helps me to grow.”

7. “Here I am at around 9 weeks, 13 weeks, 5 months, and exactly 1 year!”

8. I’m big, healthy, and fluffy!

9. 3 months, 5 months, and 10 months!

10. “Just hug me. I’m very comfortable.”

11. Sweet memories

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