14 Items That Make Your Bathroom Look Messy

2 years ago

The first thing we do every morning is visit the bathroom. But every bathroom is different. In one, you may want to stay longer and enjoy yourself, while in the other, you will try to finish up and get out as soon as possible. That’s because it’s all about the atmosphere and cleanliness of your bathroom.

At Bright Side, we’re sure that bathrooms are some of the most important areas of the home. That’s why we made a list of items that can make our bathrooms look messy and put anyone who uses them in a horrible mood.

A chrome steel corner shelf

Due to their low cost, such shelves can be found in many bathrooms. But in zones with high humidity, rust quickly forms on them since the chrome coating wears out over time and the metal corrodes. Instead, you can opt for glass, stainless steel, or brass shelves. They look more expensive and stylish.

Beauty products that are stored on top of the washing machine

Try to remove all unnecessary items from the washing machine, and you’ll be surprised at how the look of your bathroom will change. Household chemicals and beauty products visually clutter up the already small space of the bathroom. So don’t forget to clear this “clutter island” in a timely manner.

A kitchen sponge instead of a soap holder

This doesn’t look nice and it will definitely not add anything pleasant to the act of washing the hands. The soap becomes soft and slippery, and the sponge gets so full of soapy water that it looks like a slimy substance. The sponge is okay as a temporary solution, but it’s better to use a high-quality and stylish soap holder for permanent use.

Many open shelves and other surfaces

There are so many things that are kept in the bathroom, despite the fact that it is such a small space. It’s not surprising that in such limited space we try to fit as many items as possible and cover all free surfaces with them. But different bottles and other little things become a source of visual noise. If possible, create convenient storage space, hide some items behind cabinet doors, organize your items in a timely manner, and get rid of unnecessary junk.

Bathrobes hanging on the door

The bathroom is a zone of high humidity, so keeping your bathrobes on the door can make them an ideal environment for bacteria growth, so they begin to emit an unpleasant smell. Bathrobes (as well as clean towels) should be kept in a different part of the home.

Stacks of packaged toilet paper

Open and torn packages of toilet paper, standing free for all to see, will not help your bathroom look nice. If you don’t have a special place for toilet paper storage, remove the packaging and keep the rolls in containers, baskets, or on special racks. It will look quite nice.

Rags hanging on a towel rack or bucket

Undoubtedly, drying household rags is important and necessary, but keeping them this way on a permanent basis is not a good idea. When they’re completely dry, remember to keep them out of sight and store them in a separate cabinet or container.

A huge boiler on the wall

A huge boiler will definitely not add comfort to your bathroom. Even though this device is necessary, it should be hidden. Not only does it clutter up your space and loom menacingly overhead, but it also gives off the feeling of being in a technical room. You can equip a secluded place for a boiler by using blinds, a niche, a wall cabinet, or other structures.

Cracked or yellow paint on the radiator

A standard cast iron radiator covered in white paint requires more attention. Check it periodically for smudges and rust, dust it off, and renew the coating. Indeed, over time, the white paint will acquire a yellowish tint due to the high temperatures.

Liquid soap in its original packaging

The abundance of colorful bottles on a sink is a source of visual noise. We recommend pouring liquids into special containers that match your bathroom design. An automatic sensor dispenser is also a good option. It doesn’t leave smudges and looks very stylish.

Loofahs hanging on the faucet

It’s better to find a separate place for colorful sponges and loofahs next to the shower or bathtub. For example, you can hang them on hooks or keep them in a plastic container or on a shelf.

Elements of creativity

Adding creative elements to the bathroom design is quite risky. There’s a possibility that it will look ridiculous and clash with the general concept. Decorative stickers, paintings, posters, and artificial flowers — all these elements will only make your restroom look sloppy.

If you still want to add a creative twist to the interior, try replacing boring decorative elements with bright and unusual ones, or add a bright accent in the form of mosaic or colored tiles.

High pile microfiber rugs

They look cheap, accumulate dust and hair, and get electrified. Microfiber rugs can’t stand high temperatures, so they can’t be dried on a radiator and placed on a warm floor. Over time, the material becomes flat, stops absorbing moisture, and looks generally unpleasant.

A toothbrush glass

You may have noticed black stains on the handle of your toothbrush more than once. This is mold that forms at the bottom of the glass due to accumulated moisture and mucus. The glass must be regularly washed and disinfected, and it also leaves marks on the sink, which also need to be cleaned off from time to time. It’s not recommended to keep the toothbrushes of all your family members in one glass: bacteria can be easily transmitted from one brush to another upon contact.

What’s the first thing you pay attention to in a bathroom? Which items can ruin your mood? Tell us in the comments below.

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