14 Things That Can Help You Understand How Strong Your Relationship Is

We all probably have some doubts regarding our relationship from time to time. But how can we actually understand that our relationship is worth working on? How can we know that this very person is just what we need? Try to read these simple statements and ask yourself, “Do we follow these rules?”

Bright Side gathered some features that can help us understand whether our relationship is strong or not and solve some problems with our partner if there are any.

You can discuss your future plans in a calm atmosphere.

If you can’t plan your future together, all attempts cause anxiety, and you can’t discuss anything without arguing, you don’t trust each other. And this type of relationship doesn’t have a future. It’s just a matter of time before something happens to break up the relationship.

In a good relationship, partners face the future without fear and they’re actually excited about it.

All your promises are real.

In a healthy relationship, people feel safe and they trust their each other. But can we even mention trust if they forget about each other’s promises and requests? How can we rely on this type of person?

It’s crucial to respect your partner’s feelings and desires and to not make promises that you can’t keep.

You don’t control each other.

In good relationships, people don’t experience the maniacal desire to control their partner’s life and don’t impose their views on them. This behavior could be confused with caring, but the real reason is that they want to control everything.

Each partner has their personal boundaries and hobbies and that’s why they’re interested in each other.

You deal well with opposite daily schedules.

If you have your own habits and you both can’t find a compromise or you just don’t want to make an effort, we can’t call this type of life a harmonious one.

People who respect each other will always find balance so that they can both feel comfortable.

Your life doesn’t look like a lasting drama.

Your life can’t be quiet and comfy if you don’t even have a chance to talk to your partner, if you always have to guess and hesitate about what’s going on, and if you don’t know which of your actions will cause tears and silence.

This behavior is a type of manipulation. People who love each other don’t use these methods and never keep their feelings a secret.

You’re proud of each other.

If you can’t accept your loved one’s achievements, it means that your relationship consists of rivalry, envy, low self-esteem, and the will to control everything.

In a happy family, people are sincerely happy for each other’s success and they treat these achievements as celebrations even if the victories are insignificant.

You always care about your common plans.

If you don’t care about your partner’s feelings, you will never remember to inform them about a change of plans. You might even turn off your phone and not think twice.

But in good relationships, people understand that we all have emergencies and they don’t avoid discussing plans that suddenly go wrong. Also, they’re not afraid to face arguments and complaints because common plans can be postponed and arguments can be avoided.

Your actions after an argument

If you never stop thinking about your partner’s feelings so you don’t hurt them even while quarrelling, your relationship is really strong.

No one is immune to conflict but loving people never try to destroy and hurt each other. And after an argument, they don’t keep silent for days. Loving people are interested in conflict resolution: they try to understand each other’s views and position.

There’s no place for jealousy in your relationship.

Sometimes jealousy turns into obsession and a person turns into a tyrant that treats their partner like their own property. They humiliate them by distrusting them, make them always search for explanations, and force them to live in fear of enraging their jealous partner. This kind of life looks really unpleasant.

You may be jealous of friends, relatives, and hobbies, you might cause a scene, or make your partner feel guilty but it’s much better to just trust our loved ones.

You don’t complain about your partner.

It’s never good if you can’t talk to your partner and you just start complaining about them to your friends. You might always say that this relationship is very difficult for you and that you feel distressed, but you just don’t want to do anything about it.

You could turn into a constant whiner and always complain about your pitiful destiny and broken life. Or you can try to change the situation: have a heart-to-heart with your partner and listen to them carefully. What if your plans and views match?

Nothing goes absolutely wrong.

In poor relationships, people offend and hurt each other in the midst of solving their problems. Your partner should know that your opinion is what counts most and that the problem itself makes no sense.

In good relationships, no one tries to hurt the other person. People search for opportunities to change the situation and never stick to their guns. Sometimes different issues are even treated as interesting and challenging riddles.

You don’t try to change each other.

Mature and loving partners accept each other as they are. They don’t compare their loved ones to ephemeral ideals, unachieved goals, and more successful friends. In bad relationships, people constantly try to transform each other and they never feel satisfied. You’ll never be happy if you think your partner does everything wrong like the way they think, look, speak, etc.

If you want to be happy, be more tolerant of the people you love.

You never blame each other.

If you start blaming your partner instead of searching for the solution to a problem, it signalizes that your relationship is unstable. You don’t even assume that you may be the root cause of the problem, it’s easier for you to accuse someone else, and your loved one is forced to keep silent and agree with everything you say. There’s no harmony in this relationship.

A good relationship means being one team. Loving people take care of each other, act together, and both take responsibility for their actions and mistakes.

How to be happy in a relationship?

A relationship is your common responsibility. Don’t be afraid to discuss everything and to listen to your partner. That way you’ll understand whether your relationship is harmonious or not.

You can’t change the other person but you can change yourself. And they’ll change themselves after they notice the change in you. It’s really pleasant to feel that you’re both lucky to be by each other’s side. Be attentive if you want to be happy together forever.

Bonus: If a woman scares her man, she’s the one.

An interesting thing to know about relationships is that the woman actually scares the man in couples where both people have a strong commitment to love each other forever. But she scares him in the most harmless and even cute way. The thing is that this wise and loving man isn’t really scared of his wife or girlfriend, he’s scared to let her down and make her feel unhappy or upset.

Do you think it’s possible to solve all the problems asking the right questions and giving honest answers? Will it help make your relationship stronger? Do you have anything to add to this list? Share with us in the comments.

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