14 Times Nature Surprised Us So Much, We Couldn’t Handle It

2 years ago

Nature is a surprising thing. Animals and plants can often deviate from the norm, like how penguin eggs can turn clear from the heat. Even when you think you understand the rules of life, there is always that strange exception proving that nature has a lot of things in store for us.

Bright Side has collected various photos that basically say: don’t toy with Mother Nature...she’s too busy toying with us!

1. No, this egg isn’t wrapped up oddly...Stress, disturbances, and even diseases can cause chickens to lay weirdly shaped eggs.

2. This bird-flower, the Moth Orchid, is such a lovely shade of purple.

3. Sharks have different types of egg cases.

4. Not that I’d complain about getting a free side of crab...

5. The glasswing butterfly’s friends must love making, “You’re so transparent” jokes...

6. There’s an island in the Bahamas populated by feral pigs... it’s often called Pig Beach.

7. In Morocco, goats have been to known to climb Argania trees to eat their fruit.

8. Ayam Cemani chickens can be born all black.

9. You can make a raw egg squishy just by soaking it in vinegar for 36+ hours.

10. You mean all this time we could’ve have frozen our bubbles?

11. Stress can cause chickens to lay eggs with strange pigmentation.

12. One word: Eggception

13. I need to ask this shark for tips about getting abs like that.

14. In the Amazon, butterflies are known to drink the tears of caimans and turtles.

Bonus: Remember, the world is full of diverse, beautiful wonders.

Did these photos surprise you? Do you have any photos of weird things found in nature? Let us know!

Please note: This article was updated in October 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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I really want to try the frozen bubble experiment It looks so beautiful ? Just need -20 °C ?


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