15+ Animals Who Could Easily Get Leading Roles for Their Theatrical Talents

4 years ago

Not only do our pets leave us in awe and bring cuteness into our lives, but they also can get what they want with the help of some manipulative tricks. Just look at that offended dog who turned his back to its owner or that sad cat whose eyes have the sorrow of the entire world in them and you’ll understand what we mean.

We at Bright Side love animals, especially when they start to show their outstanding talents in order to get what they want or simply because they feel like doing it. We promise you a good bunch of laughs with the pics of sly animals we’ve collected for you.

“My dog trying to manipulate me because I need to work and cannot play with him”

When you hear the dog park is closed:

“Is that me?”

“My coworker wanting to discuss his treat allowance”

“I’m feeling so sad. I really don’t know what I want.”

“He’s not stuck, he just wants attention.”

“No, I don’t want to work anymore.”

“He licked the medicine dropper once. Now he does this anytime I put it near him.”


“Leeeet’s gooo for a waaaalk!”

“What happens when I bring out the treat bag...”

“Hey bro, drive it easy — I’m making poses here.”

Aw, that smile!

“I can never enjoy food alone at my house.”

“My dog Sasha just being her perfect little self”

“My majestic dog when she saw the bank teller bringing her a treat”

“She wants to try the new cat food.”

How good are your pets at acting? Please show us their photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit IEX-NoAverageJoe / reddit


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I love it when those big dogs act so cute just for a small treat ?


I can't believe how SPOILED these little ones are haha. Not even my son does this kind of stuff ?


When my dog was a little baby he used to get mad at me bc I didnt let him sleeping next to me...


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