15 Celebrities Who Dared to Become Fathers After 60

More and more men become fathers at mature ages. People start thinking about having children only after 40 and don’t see anything unusual about it. But some do it even after 60.

At Bright Side, we decided to have a look at the famous representatives of this trend. Read this article till the end and you’ll see a man who became a father at age 89.

Paul McCartney — 61 y.o.

In the photo: Paul McCartney and his daughter, Beatrice, in 2013

In 2003, Paul McCartney and his second wife, Heather Mills, had their daughter, Beatrice. Now the girl is 18. Many people think that she’s the spitting image of her father.

Al Pacino — 61 y.o.

In the photo: Al Pacino with his children, eldest daughter Julie Marie and younger twins, 2020

In 2001, the actor became a father to twins Anton James and Olivia. Now they are 20 years old, and their famous father is 81, accordingly.

Mel Gibson — 61 y.o.

In the photo: Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross

In 2017, 61-year-old Mel Gibson and his partner, Rosalind Ross, had their son.

Rowan Atkinson — 62 y.o.

Rowan Atkinson also dared to become a father after 60. The actor had his third child when he was 62.

Alec Baldwin — 63 y.o.

In 2012, 54-year-old Alec Baldwin married for the second time. Within 9 years of marriage, the actor and yoga teacher Hilaria had 6 children. The youngest child was born this year when Baldwin turned 63.

Jeff Goldblum — 64 y.o.

In the photo: Jeff Goldblum, his wife, and 2 sons — older son Charlie and younger child, River

In 2017, rhythmic gymnast Emilie Livingston and 64-year-old Jeff Goldblum had their son, River.

Clint Eastwood — 65 y.o.

In the photo: Clint Eastwood, his wife Dina and their daughter, Morgan (Christmas 1999)

Morgan Eastwood is 25 now, and her father is 91. The actor became her father at 65.

Rod Stewart — 66 y.o.

Rod Stewart’s eighth child, Aiden, was born when the musician turned 66.

Steve Martin — 67 y.o.

In 2012, 67-year-old Steve Martin became a father for the first time. Later, the actor confessed that he found this age the most suitable for parenting because he would have spent more time on his career if he had a child earlier.

Robert De Niro — 68 y.o.

In the photo: Robert De Niro; his daughter, Helen Grace; actress Chilina Kennedy; and his wife, Grace Hightower

At 68, Robert De Niro became a father for the sixth time.

Billy Joel — 68 y.o.

Baby Remy was born when her famous father, a musician with 5 Grammy Awards, was 68 years old.

Richard Gere — 70 y.o.

In the photo: Richard Gere and his wife, Alejandra Silva

At 68, Richard Gere married for the third time. 1 year later, he became a father. The next year, the couple had a second baby.

Rupert Murdoch — 72 y.o.

In the photo: Rupert Murdoch, his 2 daughters, Grace and Chloe, and his former wife, Wendi, 2019

In 2003, Rupert Murdoch became a father for the sixth time, and his daughter, Chloe, was born. Now she’s 18, and Murdoch is 90, accordingly.

Mick Jagger — 73 y.o.

In 2016, Mick was not just a happy grandfather but also a great-grandfather. But at the same time, he dared to become a father again. The 73-year-old musician had a son.

Bernie Ecclestone — 89 y.o.

The former chief executive of the Formula One Group became a father again in 2020. Now Bernie Ecclestone is 91.

What age do you consider perfect to become a father? Tell us in the comments below.


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