15 Celebrities Who Weren’t Broken by Serious Health Issues

6 months ago

When we look at photos of different celebrities, we sometimes think that their lives are a constant party. But this isn’t true at all because even the most successful people on our planet are just regular guys with their own problems. And they also have health issues. For example, Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry has been living with diabetes for almost 30 years and Khloé Kardashian has been diagnosed with skin cancer. It’s incredible that people with such serious conditions keep on creating things and overcoming different obstacles.

We at Bright Side will tell you who among famous people encountered incurable diseases but didn’t give up and continued their life paths.

Halle Berry and Tom Hanks: Diabetes

  • Almost 30 years ago, on the set of Living Dolls, there was a tragic situation. Halle Berry was only at the beginning of her acting career back then. She went into a coma. The girl was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with diabetes. In one of her interviews, the actress said that it took her a long time to accept her condition. She learned about it at the age of 23.

    According to the actress, she had to go through a long recovery period after every big event with alcohol, desserts, and other different foods. This was when she decided to start taking care of her health. She hasn’t been drinking alcohol for many years now and she follows a very healthy lifestyle. This allows the 52-year-old woman look 15 years younger than she really is. She became a mother at the age of 42.
  • Tom Hanks was in the same situation. For more than 20 years, the actor had been fighting high sugar level but his lifestyle with a lot of stress and sleep deprivation did the trick. For example, Tom lost 55 lb for Castaway and gained 30 lb for A League of Their Own.

    In October 2013, Tom Hanks admitted on David Letterman’s show that he was diagnosed with diabetes. Having learned about his conditions, the actor decided to give up his old habits to be able to star in movies for as long as possible.

Pamela Anderson: Hepatitis C

Pamela Anderson was diagnosed with Hepatitis C back in 2002. According to Pamela, she got it in the ’90s from her husband when they used the same needle for tattoos. The actress has been treating the disease for 13 years. In 2015, Pamela Anderson said that thanks to a new experimental treatment, she managed to fully recover.

Tom Cruise: Dyslexia

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Tom Cruise’s childhood was not an easy one. The future actor comes from a family of many children. He went through his parent’s divorce when he was a teenager and at the age of 14, he had already changed 15 schools. But the hardest challenge of all for Cruise was his incurable disease — dyslexia.

Dyslexia and dysgraphia made him the most bullied student in school. It was really hard for the boy to read and he could barely write. So, he was known as an idiot in every school he went to. But this hard time was something that helped Tom Cruise discover his acting talent. Yes, he was a failure in class, but he could completely transform in school plays.

We think that now Tom Cruise doesn’t have any problems reading scripts and contracts because he can hire people to do it.

Angelina Jolie and Shannen Doherty: Mastectomy

Parspix/ABACA/EAST NEWS, © theshando / instagram
  • In summer 2015, Shannen Doherty filed a lawsuit against her former manager. According to the lawsuit, the manager made a mistake in the medical insurance papers so Shannen didn’t get the treatment on time and her breast cancer spread to her lymph nodes.

    Shannen has been fighting cancer for almost 4 years now. In order to slow down the development of the disease, the actress has undergone several chemotherapy courses, radiotherapy, and a mastectomy. Recently, the actress said she was in remission — this is the state when the tumor is under control and is treatable.
  • Several years earlier, Angelina Jolie was in a similar situation. Her mother and aunt died at a young age after battling a genetic disease. And after a lot of medical research, Angelina decided to have a mastectomy.

    The genetic test showed that Jolie had an 87% probability of having breast cancer and cervical cancer in the future. The actress had surgery in order to avoid a very probable disease.

Michael J. Fox: Parkinson’s disease

The public learned about Michael J. Fox’s condition in 1998. At that time, the actor told his colleagues that at the beginning of the ’90s, he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder — Parkinson’s disease. When the actor first went to see a doctor because of a twitching pinky finger, experts told him that he would have 10 years of active life at the most.

After this, the Back to the Future star decided to take a break from his career and take care of his health. Michael J. Fox wrote 3 biographical books where he told in great detail about what it means to fight Parkinson’s disease and he also founded a charity organization. This organization managed to collect $350 million for research of this disease.

Sarah Hyland: Kidney dysplasia

The star of Modern Family, Sarah Hyland, has had a medical condition since childhood. At the age of 9, Sarah was diagnosed with a very unpleasant condition — kidney dysplasia. For more than 10 years, the girl had been fighting the disease, but in 2012, she had to have a kidney transplantation from her father.

The transplantation improved Sarah’s condition but didn’t treat her completely. Because of not feeling well, the girl rarely shows up at public events and the fans of her character often notice the changes in her appearance. On her Instagram page, the girl shares her problems with the subscribers: from losing weight to always having a swollen face.

Michael Phelps: Hyperactivity and ADHD

American swimmer Michael Phelps, the only 23 times Olympic champion in the history of the sport, had a really difficult path to success, accompanied by hyperactivity and ADHD. This neurological disorder started to develop when Michael was a child. The main symptoms are difficulties concentrating and the inability to finish what you started. In his interview, the Phelps’ coach tells that the swimmer sometimes forgot the way to the dressing room and their training was sometimes a nightmare.

However, thanks to the efforts of the swimmer and the people around him, Phelps managed to achieve unbelievable success in sports. Now, Michael Phelps is going through quite a rough period. After the end of his career, the Olympic champion lost his motivation and is now fighting depression.

Mila Kunis: Partial blindness

Diane Bondareff/Invision/AP/East News

For many years, one of the most popular actresses of today had one blind eye. The reason for the blindness was iritis. Because of the inflammation, the actress had blurry vision and she couldn’t focus on anything. Mila Kunis didn’t see a specialist for a long time but in 2010, she had a surgery where she had her lens replaced. By the way, Mila’s condition was kept a secret up until she had her vision back after the surgery.

Hugh Jackman and Khloé Kardashian: Skin cancer

  • In 2013, Hugh Jackman (who played Wolverine) was diagnosed with skin cancer. Since then, the actor has not only had several chemotherapy treatments but also 6 skin transplantation surgeries. His diagnosis is basal-cell carcinoma. It is a kind of an oncological skin disease when a tumor develops on the lower layer of the epidermis. The carcinoma appears on the parts of the skin which are often exposed to the sun, for example, on the nose. On his Twitter, Hugh Jackman easily shares the facts from his life with his subscribers.
  • The youngest of the Kardashian sisters, Khloé, is also very honest with her subscribers. It is proved not only by the show she has been on for more than 10 years but also her posts on social media. In one of her posts, she told that in 2008, she was diagnosed with a tumor on her skin. The doctors had to transplant about 7 in of her skin. Thanks to the specialist, the development of the disease was stopped.

Daniel Radcliffe: Dyspraxia

Actor Daniel Radcliffe, who is famous for his role of Harry Potter, revealed that he has a rare incurable disease — dyspraxia. This is a brain function disorder that makes you unable to do the actions you need to do correctly.

Radcliffe’s condition doesn’t let him write correctly or tie his shoelaces. When he was a child, he really struggled in school — and not because of his acting career, but because he was unable to learn. According to Daniel, dyspraxia was the main reason he chose to pursue this career.

Yolanda Hadid: Lyme disease

When the new book by Yolanda Hadid appeared on the shelves of bookstores, the entire world learned how the life of this woman changed after she was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012. In her book, the mother of 2 famous models revealed how she fought not only the disease itself but also her suicidal thoughts, as the symptoms of this disease also impact the quality of life. It causes constant headaches, light sensitivity, muscle pain, fever, and a rash.

Thanks to a long period of treatment, Yolanda is in remission now.

Prince Charles: Alzheimer’s disease

In September 2018, many media sources published information about InTouch having a secret medical report. The document said that Prince Charles had had Alzheimer’s disease for several years already. And his health is getting worse with every day. The first mentions of Charles’ disease appeared in 2011 when he was close to missing his older son’s wedding.

The sources close to the Royal family say that Prince William will be the next King.

This article was written not to tell about the problems of famous people but in order to let everyone who has serious trouble know that there is always hope. And the way we live, what we do, and how society sees us depends mostly on us. Love, create, and be happy no matter what!

Whose story amazed you the most? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Kind of shows how broken the system is, only the rich can afford preventive measures for medical care, actors/actresses/politicians/athlets can take care of all issues real fast but damn when a woman wants to have her tubes tied, they get denied "your husband might want kids later" ya know double standards and the high cost of healthcare


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