15 Cool Grandmas and Grandpas Who Prove That Age Is Just a Number

2 years ago

You can enjoy the world around you, experience and try new things, and sincerely fall in love, even if you’re older than 60.

The heroes of this Bright Side article prove it. And we want to follow the example of these grandmas and grandpas.

“I think my grandma may be a Disney princess.”

“My 80-year-old grandma recently married for the second time. Now she and her 90-year-old husband play their pianos side by side.”

“My grandad is pretty proud of the leaf he found.”

“My grandma’s first selfie”

“Someone let my grandma borrow their copy of Fifty Shades of Gray.”

“I received a selfie of my grandpa and grandma. They’re doing it right.”

This splendid lady is 92 years old.

“Happy 100th Birthday, grandma! You rock!”

“Today I realized my grandma is catching up on the trends.”

“Here’s a photo of my grandma who just celebrated her 93rd birthday with her favorite strawberry milkshake.”

“My grandma just sent me this photo.”

“My grandma turned 101 today!”

“My 81-year-old granddad is consoling his best friend after a rough day.”

“My grandma got bit by a pelican on the pier and then began to scold it.”

“My great-grandma just turned 97. She wanted me to print this out for her.”

“Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.”

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oh I have always wanted that a squirrel would come to me like this!


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