15 Creatures Whose Eyes Are So Beautiful, They’re Hypnotizing

4 years ago

Animals don’t see the world as we do. Cats, being nocturnal creatures, can see their best in the dark, while dogs have black and white vision. Animal eyes vary in shape, size, and color and it’s interesting to note that all these strange looking eyes have been bestowed upon these animals by nature.

The Bright Side team put together a few creatures who have a peculiar pair of eyes. Have a look.

1. The popped out eyes of a fly

2. This cat’s eyes are trying to interact with us.

3. This bird has definitely got lashes to be envious of!

4. Double-faced or double-eyed?

5. When in bright light, the cuttlefish’s eyes form a “W”.

6. The binocular-like eyes of a jumping spider

7. This frog’s eyes look like a piece of artwork.

8. Pray you never get this close to a honeybee’s eyes!

9. The extra-large eyes of Tarsiers

10. Owls surely have creepy eyes!

11. Huskies’ eyes are blue in color due to a mutation.

12. The fly has been named stalk-eyed because of their popped out eyes.

13. The 4-eyed fish can see both above and below water.

14. Geckos’ eyes are 350 times more sensitive to light than human eyes.

15. The shining red eyes of an Eared Grebe

Unlike humans who have similar looking eyes, animals and birds have various abilities in their eyes like night vision, 360-degree eyesight, etc. Have you also come across any animal with a weird set of eyes? Please share with us in the comment section below.


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