15 Doggy Moments That Can Make You Consider Getting a Fluffy Friend

3 years ago

People get pets for different reasons: some need a friend, others want to fulfill the dream of their childhood, and then there are those who visit the shelter and instantly find a lifelong friend. However, there’s a fourth category of people who look at dogs’ pics and suddenly realize they’re missing something in their lives.

We at Bright Side compiled a set of photos with dogs and all the funny things they do. Who knows — perhaps they will motivate you to adopt a 4-legged friend as well.

“Our little man passed out hard after his walk.”

“No one could ever ignore that look.”

“Our foster puppy when we told her we were adopting her”

“My dog is actually using the armrest properly.”

“I told Elsa to smile, so she did. This is her signature face whenever I take a picture of her.”

“The dog I’m dogsitting looks exactly like her food.”

“She just finished her first week of not being homeless, and I think she’s enjoying it.”

“The best part of my new job is meeting all the shop doggies.”

“He got a star at the vet because he was a good boy.”

“Meet the rainbow doggo!”

“Celebrating Jasper’s 15 and a half birthday!”

“She’s angry.”

“Zuko tries to taunt me with toys while I work to get me to go play with him instead.”

“My handsome boy, Rocky, with snowflakes on his nose”

“I was having a cookie and I look to my right...”

Are you a happy dog owner? Please share the sweetest photos of your pets with us!

Preview photo credit Participant8119 / reddit


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our pup is just the same, always asks for a treat when you eat something 🤣


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