15 Educational Gadgets on Amazon to Turn Your Kid Into the Next Whiz

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The use of gadgets is a great tool to promote learning among children, and no, we don’t mean the PlayStation or the Xbox. Amazon has some great educational games and gadgets that will teach kids everything from coding, geography, electronics, biology, and more!

Here at Bright Side, we encourage fun learning, and today we have selected some awesome games that are both fun and educational. Let’s get straight to it!

1. A coding game for the computer programmers of tomorrow

Buy this coding starter kit from Amazon here.

iPad required

This kit will teach your kid coding fundamentals all while playing and having fun.

2. An interactive globe to learn about geography

Buy this interactive globe from Amazon here.

Amazon’s choice

This interactive globe requires a 5th generation iPad and above, and it includes fun hunts, quizzes, and interactive games.

3. An educational game to learn about math and spelling

Buy this game on Amazon here.

Ages 6-10

With its award-learning games, it will also teach kids visual problem-solving skills, geography, marine biology, and spelling.

4. A gadget to learn about rocks and gemstones and make beautiful jewelry

Buy this rock tumbler kit from Amazon here.


Produced by National Geographic, this kit will get children into rock tumbling, a popular hobby even for adults.

5. A kit to learn how to build a computer

Buy this computer kit from Amazon here.

With carrying case

Aside from learning how to build a computer, the Piper teaches kids the basics of coding with 11 challenging projects.

6. A Rubik’s cube that allows you to play against friends online

Buy this connected Rubik’s cube from Amazon here.


This connected Rubik’s cube comes with an app that teaches you how to solve it.

7. A kit with experiments to learn about electronics

Buy this electronics kit from Amazon here.

100 experiments

This easy-to-use game involves light, sound, and movement to create things such as an FM radio or even a lie detector (but they’re not admissible in court!).

8. A LeapFrog to learn how to read and write

Buy this LeapFrog from Amazon here.

With activity book

The LeapReader also comes with two audiobooks, a trivia quiz, and learning songs.

9. An audio and music player with fun learning activities

Buy this audio player from Amazon here.

Easy to use

This music player comes with 7 audio cards, and it makes a great bedtime storyteller!

10. A squishy human body to learn about biology

Buy this squishy human body from Amazon here.

Booklet included

This fun squishy body teaches children how humans work from the inside, and it includes removable organs that kids can touch and study.

11. A laser maze to develop critical skills

Buy this laser maze from Amazon here.


This laser maze includes 60 expert challenges and a detailed manual with clear instructions on how to get started.

12. A light-up terrarium to learn about the beauty of nature

Buy this terrarium from Amazon here.


This terrarium stimulates a real natural environment, and kids can watch it transform and grow under the LED light.

13. A kit to learn about science experiments

Buy this science kit from Amazon here.

11 activities

This science kit includes activities such as erupting a volcano or mixing magic fizzing potions.

14. A fun garden to learn about nature and butterflies

Buy this butterfly garden from Amazon here.

STEM authenticated

This garden will let kids see how a caterpillar evolves into a butterfly in 4 life cycles.

15. A kids’ microscope to explore the world around them in detail

Buy this microscope from Amazon here.

Durable metal

This microscope comes with a case and 2 AA batteries.

What is your kids’ favorite educational game or activity?

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