15+ Eye-ceptions That May Make You Want to Look Twice

3 years ago

We might see a cloud in the sky and think it looks like a fish or that a flower has a face because of its patterns. But sometimes, things really look like something else, like a rock that looks like a piece of steak because of its coloring. These “eye-ceptions” or deceptions on our eyes are illusions that can make us think twice about believing what we see.

Bright Side brings you intriguing photos that will surely make you do a double-take.

1. A curtain pattern that reminds you of Squidward

2. This is a rock, not a steak.

3. A leaf that low-key makes you think of the Mona Lisa

4. A fish in the sky

5. Even a broccoli stem can dab.

6. This bacon takes the form of a seahorse.

7. “Each spring, this house looks like an Arizona iced tea can.”

8. When a pressure washer looks as friendly as Mike from Monsters, Inc.:

9. A bird camouflaging as a pine cone

10. It’s a log, not a clock.

11. A mushroom slice with the face of a sloth

12. Like Yoda, this plant looks.

13. Burnt cheese or a penguin — you decide.

14. Flowers that look like screaming faces running away from the pot

15. This grumpy crescent is an edible potato chip.

16. “My coiled-up headphones look like the Cookie Monster.”

17. Seeds in the eggplant form the shape of a butterfly.

18. “The corrosion on this water tap looks like a map.”

Which of these totally fooled you? Have you ever encountered anything that played a trick on your eyes? Share it with us!


I had no idea birds could hide themselves like chameleons do
Love the seahorse made out of bacon. I'm hungry now lol

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