15 Funny Babies Who Look Like They’ve Seen It All Before

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7 months ago

Just imagine strolling through the park with your baby who looks like a grandpa. Some newborns may have just entered the world, but they look like they’ve already lived a long and full life. Despite their old-soul appearance, these babies are just getting started on their journey through life. And who knows, maybe they’ll grow up to be wise beyond their years.

1. “2 weeks old and my granddaughter is already judging me.”

2. “Your application for tenure has been denied.”

3. “Fresh from the oven and baby already wants you off her lawn. And to turn down that rock music!”

4. “Caught my son at his absolute worst. Looks like he’s been working the night shift for 25 years.”

5. “Me looking extra stylish in my pastel onesie.”

6. “From the womb straight to the retirement home.”

7. “My daughter 1 day old wondering why her pension fund dried up so quickly.”

8. “Elder sister with her one week old brother.”

9. “5 weeks old and grumpy.”

10. “Not even a day old and wondering where his tapioca is.”

11. “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.”

12. “Middle aged man headed to a job he hates.”

13. “My nephew is judging you and is not happy with what he sees.”

14. “Two weeks going on 30 years.”

15. “Thinking about her life choices at the ripe age of 4 weeks old.”


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