15+ Game-Changing Life Hacks That Can Save You Tons of Time and Nerves in the Kitchen

2 years ago

Whether you like cooking or not, we bet you like your kitchen to stay clean and tidy and don’t want any extra stress when you eat, cook, or store your food. It’s a blessing to have the r/lifehacks Reddit thread where amateur and professional chefs share their kitchen tips. From making a smaller baking pan out of a bigger one with the help of tin foil to a smart way to save space in your fridge, there’s an avalanche of knowledge that can turn the kitchen into your favorite place in the house.

We at Bright Side selected 16 game-changing life hacks from Reddit that we’ve already tried in our kitchens, and now it’s your turn to appreciate them.

1. “This is how I let my toast cool so one side doesn’t get soggy.”

2. “If you’re baking brownies and don’t have a small enough tray, roll up some tin foil and it works as a barrier perfectly.”

3. This hack works for other dishes too.

4. “Stop smelly onions! Simple tip: place a paper towel under the cut end. It absorbs all the odor!”

5. “I use an apple corer to prep my roast potatoes.”

6. “For large batches of cookie dough, roll it into logs, freeze and slice off what you want, and enjoy fresh cookies anytime!”

7. “Fork your Oreo so your fingers never touch the milk.”

8. “Put your cooking oil in a soy sauce container so that you can drizzle it easily.”

9. “Cut the cooking instructions from the box to save freezer space.”

10. “Secure the lid from a smaller pot with a chopstick to keep it from submerging completely.”

11. “Add a little food dye when you hard-boil eggs so there is never any question about which ones are cooked.”

12. “Use a medication syringe to measure honey for baking recipes.”

13. “Want to store some cake in a container but don’t want to dig it out later? Flip the container upside down and use the lid as the bottom.”

14. “Use your bread ends to soak up your grease.”

15. “Put a rotating tray in your fridge to make accessing stuff in the back quicker and easier.”

16. “The wife didn’t have a bundt cake pan. I thought her solution was pretty ingenious.”

Do you have any kitchen life hacks you can share with other readers? Tell us in the comments!

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