15 Gardens That Gave People’s Homes a Splash of Color and Charm

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It’s been shown by research that gardening can have a positive effect on our mental and physical health. But plants and green spaces are also a great way to revamp your home, especially if you own a backyard, a front lawn, or even a nice balcony. People on Reddit know this firsthand and are often eager to display the results of their time and patience.

Bright Side rounded up several before-and-after photos that perfectly showcase what some beautiful nature can do for your home’s aesthetic.

1. “This was just a pile of dirt when we moved here 2 years ago.”

2. “My little cactus patch has turned out alright.”

3. “What a difference one year makes!”

4. “I powerwashed then painted the existing floor. The plants include camelias, golden cane palms, azelias, etc.”

5. “A year ago vs this morning”

6. “A 2-year update on my super tiny walled garden. It’s my favorite ‘room’ in the apartment. I feel so lucky.”

7. “I went for an English cottage garden, so I pretty much just crammed plants into any spare inch I could find.”

8. “It was a busy spring working in the backyard.”

9. “4 years of hard work later”

10. “About 10 months ago, I became a homeowner and quickly found out I love plants. This is now my happy place.”

11. “Our house had no garden when we bought it; here it is now at dusk. It gets better every year.”

12. “How it started vs how it’s going (7 years)”

13. “What a difference a few years can make! The idea in 2017 vs the established garden in 2020”

14. “Last year, I posted a photo of my first attempt at making a pond. This is how it looks now.”

15. “2 years — can’t wait to see it after 20!”

Do you have any plants in your home? Do you know any gardening hacks? If so, share your knowledge with everyone in the comments!


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