15 Gigantic Vegetables That It’s Hard to Swallow Are Real

4 years ago

All gardeners may burst with pride looking at the results of their own work. It is so satisfying to know that it is you who grew these healthy and pretty veggies. But some people set even higher goals and want to breed the largest possible crops. For example, Steve Geddes made people gasp with 2,528 pounds pumpkin, and as our article shows there are no limits to what you can achieve.

We at Bright Side couldn’t believe that an onion or beet can be larger than human’s head. But we found 15 stunning proofs that giants really exist (at least in the world of vegetables).

15. We wish every person had someone who would love them as much as this man loves his onion.

14. If you are a real athlete you’ll find any reason to workout.

13. This looks like a flower any gardener would want to grow.

12. Ever seen a beet that is bigger than your head?

11. You could feed the entire family with this sweet potato.

10. These are really big zucca gourds that look like giant pears.

9. This cucumber sword will protect you from hunger.

8. This is what happens when you know how to take care of things:

7. What spells do you have to know to get these results?

6. You’re gonna need a forklift to carry this pumpkin.

5. We hope that there’s a big enough bowl for the salad that’ll be made with this tomato.

4. You can take this leek to the beach for when it’s too sunny.

3. I pulled out a freak of a carrot and freaked out.

2. Would you be surprised if you found a squash that was almost your height?

1. It’s totally possible to make a dress out of this cabbage.

Have you ever managed to grow a giant veggie? How big was it?


Wow! They are impressive, really
the biggest thing I have ever grown were some flowers on my backyard
What spells do they use? I guess it's infinite love to what you grow :)
Plants feel it
I never grow any veggies in my life. I just buy them. lol

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