16 Images That Prove There Are Still Ways to Impress Kids Today

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Having children is fun and exciting. They brighten our lives and the world, but it’s not easy to impress our kids — not as much as it was in the past. The little things that they see astound them, and they even try to put on or do strange things with them, but it makes the moment even more funny and unforgettable.

At Bright Side, we gathered photos of kids to prove that the possibilities for impressing them are limitless, and they all still make us laugh every time.

1. “For some reason, I expected more when I gave my kid my old Micro Machines.”

2. “This kid stared at me like this for a solid 10 minutes on my flight. I feared for my life.”

3. “So proud of his work”

4. “Some interesting face paint I had done as a child.”

5. “My kids went all-out for Senior Citizens Day at school.”

6. “Told my wife our child’s been yelling and straining his voice all day.”

7. “This is from field day at my kid’s daycare, they are painting the fences with water.”

8. “My proud child showing off his prize.”

9. “My daughter asked her dad to be launched into my photo where she struck this pose. Now she is convinced she is a real superhero.”

10. “My son wanted a beard to go with his costume. So, he cut his own hair and glued it on his face.”

“He got 3x more candy than any of the other kids.”

11. The first time my son’s been in a toy store in a while.

12. “My kid calls frozen food raw or rotten. ’Mom, let’s put some rotten fruit in the smoothie!’”

13. “My kid asked if I’d let her paint while I made dinner. I said sure. This was the result. She’s no Picasso, that’s for sure.”

14. “I’m pretty sure my kid is going to grow up and have a job that involves breaking things.”

15. “I told my kid he could pick one donut.”

16. The baby finds that there is nothing left.

Which of these made you smile and brightened your day? Do you have any similar stories to these? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit andyrine/Reddit


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