24 Inventions Showing the Smartest Ways to Make Our Lifes Easier

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Living in modern society and having to fit different aspects of life in our day-to-day routines can sometimes be a real challenge. Fortunately, new technologies and innovations are always being created to help us out. It doesn’t have to be something super complicated and technical, as sometimes creativity is what matters the most to make a useful gadget.

To show you new ways of making your life easier, Bright Side decided to gather these curious inventions.

1. “Soda bottle that can be filled with sand and used as a hantle.”

2. “This chair turns into a step ladder.”

3. “This building has a conference room that’s just out from the building.”

4. “Dog restroom in airport.”

5. “Some airline seat headrests can rise and cradle your head.”

6. “I gotta find and buy this couch.”

7. A bed with everything in it

8. “This squared pizza trash bin next to a regular bin.”

9. “My snowboarding jacket has an inside pocket specifically for a minidisc player.”

10. “Not chicken nugget ice cream”

11. “Self-cleaning buttons”

12. “This bench designed for wheelchair users to be able to more easily sit with friends and family.”

13. “The hands on my watch move out of the way so they don’t obstruct the little screen.”

14. “This clothes dryer has a plug holder for the power cord so it doesn’t flail around while trying to move it.”

15. “My sister’s new apartment has a shower that tells you the water temperature.”

16. “This guy at Walgreens wearing a backpack with a ferret inside.”

17. “This bench has a spot to park your bike.”

18. “A biscuit shaped as a spoon to go with your coffee.”

19. Now you don’t need an entire pool to exercise in water.

20. “Bathroom stalls in Japan have little seats hanging on the wall for your toddler.”

21. “My integrated dishwasher projects the remaining time onto the floor.”

22. “‘Spring shoe’ found at my local mall.”

23. “I’ve made a fireplace with a rotating mirror ball.”

24. “This toothpaste has its own ‘key’ to help roll the tube.”

Which one of these gadgets would you definitely have in your home? Are there any that you didn’t find so useful? We would like to know in the comments.

Preview photo credit egrick/reddit


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